mmotimesheaderIIIssue 93: Greetings Gamers! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving (for those that were celebrating it). Hopefully all of you have recovered from your tryptophan-induced comas. It’s not uncommon for me to be a week late around the major holidays so my apologies for a delayed post but my RL schedule didn’t really allow much research time over the past week. Be that as it may, here are some headlines that you may, or may not have missed.

This issue has some shocking World of Warcraft news (which you may already know about if you follow any WoW news). A preview of the upcoming SWTOR expansion, a new hero in Marvel Heroes, what Trion meant by “Trove” and much more. So if you’re waiting for a realm restart or your MMO-of-choice is performing maintenance today, perhaps the following articles will help to pass the time. Gobble, Gobble Gamers!

Galactic Starfighter Preview Preview of Galactic Starfighter

Posted 11.14.13 – I know this is a pretty old post but somehow I missed it. Darth Hater (who provides a great SWTOR blog) has a preview of the upcoming expansion to SWTOR, Galactic Starfighter. He has provided a couple of videos. This expansion will allow PvP space combat, something players have been asking for since the games launch. You really should check out this post, he has some amazing screenshots and the video just looks sweet! Finally, some player-vs-player dogfighting!
Darth Hater post

Video Games Not Responsible

Posted 11.27.13 – There has been a huge debate for several years (as far back as Columbine, perhaps even farther) where some parents blame video games for instigating violence within teens. I’m sure all of us laugh at the absurdity of such a claim and Massively agrees. This post doesn’t have anything to do with any specific game (MMO, FPS, RTS, console, etc) but concerns all video games. I’ve always been a supporter of the fact that video games do not elicit violence and/or cause mental health issues. I guess parents will have to find something else to blame for their ineptitude.
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WoW Shocker! Ghostcrawler Leaves Blizzard

Posted 11.27.13 – The World of Warcraft community was shocked the day after Thanksgiving to learn that Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is leaving Blizzard. If you’re not aware, Ghostcrawler is probably the most infamous member of the Blizzard staff. He was the games Lead Systems Designer. Usually when players were whining about a class getting nerfed, it was Ghostcrawler who received the brunt of it. Regardless of how people felt about his decisions, he was an extremely valued member of the dev staff and of the community. His design prowess will be greatly missed by all.
WoW Insider article

Gambit trailer Marvel Heroes Goes Gambit

Posted 11.29.13 – One of my all time favorite X-Men has come to Marvel Heroes (which is really going to make me want to play this game some more). The Cajun card-shark, Gambit, is now a playable hero. I think Gambit is one of the least recognized and least utilized of the X-Men. He was such a major character to the animated series back in the 90s, its unfortunate that we don’t see him more often in all the Marvel X-Men movies out today. There is a trailer that accompanies the announcement.
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First Glimpse of Trion’s Trove

Posted 12.2.13 – Remember a couple weeks ago I posted a headline about Trion registering various domains utilizing the word “Trove“? Well the folks at Massively got a first hand look at the game in its current state. In fact they were also granted permission to post some screenshots of the game. It’s a voxel-based sandbox game. In other words, it’s Trion’s version of Minecraft, but it looks a little more cartoon-ish. I’m not really into Minecraft so the images from this preview don’t really thrill me that much, but perhaps some of you may like it.
Massively post

Really? A Jane Austin MMO? Really?!

Posted 12.2.13 – Apparently there was a Kickstarter campaign for an MMO Called “Ever, Jane” which is an MMO based on Jane Austin genre of books; and it actually raised all the money it needed. WHY?!! Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Jane Austin novels. They are great pieces of classic literature; my wife is a huge fan of her books (and most of the film adaptations). My issue goes back to something I’ve said over a year ago, not everything needs to be an MMO! I guess if there was enough interest to garner the kickstarter money then there is enough interest in the concept, but it just boggles my mind.
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