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The Case for Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar

It seems I’m always defending Jar Jar, the movies, or Ahmed Best. While I still live by the philosophy to “be your own fan“, sometimes I like to discuss my reasons. My intent is to inform and not to persuade. Admittedly, Ahmed Best (and vicariously Jar Jar) is receiving more adoration than animosity. However, sometimes I still like to make a case for Jar Jar Binks.

Why am I talking about Jar Jar, again?

The Mandalorian: Chapter 21

The Mandalorian and Grogu in the N1 - Chapter 21

Title: The Pirate
Director: Peter Ramsey
Runtime: 42 minutes

We are on the other side of the midway point. What secrets and schemes are lurking in Din’s future? I really enjoyed this episode, probably the best one of the season. This is another episode that feels like it takes more cues from Andor as it does, indeed, progress a sinister plot for Din and his covert.

A reminder that there will be no more spoiler warnings since we are now counting down to the season finale.

Chat GPT and OpenAI


It’s been years since I have written a “tech talk” post, however, this doesn’t really count as one. In fact, this is probably a bit more like a SoapBox. The latest fad in tech is Chat GPT and OpenAI. I work in tech but I have not so much as performed a Google search for Chat GPT. As a programmer, I love automating simple tasks in my life but it’s overcoming challenges that help us grow. Asking an AI to write something for me is not something that needs to be automated. Chat GPT and OpenAI are making the world a lazier place and contributing to the decline of society (which began with social media).

We already live in a world where there is an entire generation that doesn’t want to do anything for themselves. They feel entitled to everything without doing any of the work to earn it. I’m surprised they have the brain capacity to articulate what they want Chat GPT to write for them. The fine art of creative writing and composition has been cannibalized. Chat GPT and OpenAI will make lazy people lazier and more fraudulent.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 20

Grogu - The Mandalorian

Title: The Foundling
Director: Carl Weathers
Runtime: 32 minutes

It’s the 20th episode of the series and the halfway point of season 3! One of the most surprising things about this episode is the runtime. (There is the other thing, which I will get to later.) However, this is another case where you can’t trust the Internet. While I can’t seem to find them anymore, I could have sworn I saw posts alleging this would be “the longest episode yet“. Obviously, they were just trying to garner clicks (perhaps that’s why I can no longer find them. Amateurs.)

This is an interesting episode that I quite enjoyed. Perhaps some minor nitpicks but nothing that decreased the quality of my enjoyment. Let’s get into it.

HMDYK About Katee Sackhoff

Since The Mandalorian is back and (already) half way through the third season, let’s talk about Katee Sackhoff. She is one of my favorite science fiction actresses. I’ve seen quite a few of her other shows; perhaps you have too.

Of course, in Star Wars, she is Bo-Katan Kryze in The Mandalorian. Actually, she’s been the voice of Bo-Katan since 2012 when the character first appeared in the fourteenth episode in season four of The Clone Wars (“A Friend in Need“). There is more to her than blasters and darksabers. How much do you know about Katee Sackhoff?

The Mandalorian: Chapter 19

Bo-Katan in Chapter 19

Title: The Convert
Director: Lee Isaac Chung
Runtime: 58 minutes

This is somewhat of a unique episode. I don’t want to give anything away before the spoiler marker but I believe this episode sets up a major story arc; if not the major story arc. The kind that may have implications that link to the sequel trilogy.

Speaking of implications, I think the title suggests there are two “converts”. The story in this episode takes a different turn. While there is great action at the beginning, the rest focuses on plot building. I did enjoy this episode, and even more so the second time I watched it. I have theories!

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