Netflix Wins Again with Jessica JonesI just finished watching the first season of Jessica Jones. It’s the newest Marvel series Netflix has produced starring Krysten Ritter (from “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23“). Jessica Jones has a scarred and tortured past. She’s a private investigator in Hell’s Kitchen with  superhuman strength and has a penchant for drowning her pain in whiskey. This is the first Marvel series produced since its success with Daredevil, and Netflix wins again with Jessica Jones.

I will admit that the first episode doesn’t really pull you in as quickly as the episodes that follow. Once you start learning more about Killgrave (brilliantly portrayed by David Tennant) and his sordid obsession with Jessica, you will binge on this show. By the end of the series you will see Krysten Ritter in a whole new light. She proved to me that she is an amazing drama actress. You will also meet Luke Cage, another series Netflix is working on, and the future husband (based on the comics) of Jessica Jones. He’s the man with unbreakable skin.

The first season naturally focuses on character development using Killgrave as the main antagonist to introduce us to part of Jessica’s past and her abilities. It also sets up the presumed relationship between Jessica and Luke. By the end of the season there is even a subtle hint of a potential Daredevil-Jessica Jones crossover? After all, both series take place in Hell’s Kitchen.

Jessica Jones has been renewed for a second season. I would check it out but with the caveat that this show is definitely not safe for children (there is lewd language and sexual situations). Season 2 of Daredevil will start on March 18th so if you haven’t checked out Season 1, you still have time.


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