MMO Times Honors the Late David Bowie and Alan Rickman

David Bowie (left) and Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber (right)

Issue 139: Cancer Sucks! We lost two icons this week to cancer’s wickedness. There was nobody else in the world that would have been a better cast as Snape, although many of us probably remember him better as Hans Gruber; and who could forget Jareth the Goblin King and his “Magic Dance“. May Alan Rickman and David Bowie Rest In Peace. Sadness aside, while we silently mourn these two irreplaceable entertainers lets check out some gaming headlines that will hopefully lighten our moods.

There are a couple of posts that are not directly related to any title but they are crucial aspects of typical game-play, you all know how I like to change things up from time-to-time. There is news about a new game launch this week (a little game called Blade & Soul) and a contagious opinion piece on Star Wars The Old Republic. So while the “white death” (that’s snow for you non-Cincinnatians) keeps you in-doors, check out these headlines. KCGO.

Let Polygon Choose Your Mouse

Posted 1.12.16 – I don’t usually post headlines that are not about specific games but how can we play our games without the right equipment. You wouldn’t take a hockey stick when you go up to bat. There are so many great products out there to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one for you. Polygon has a pretty decent write up on some of the Best Gaming Mice.
Polygon article

Save 20% with Prime

Posted 1.12.16  – Amazon Prime members now have a new perk, if you’re a gamer. All new games, including pre-orders, are now 20% off until two weeks after their release. The other catch is that it only applies to physical games, so digital copies will not count. Still, perhaps if you are waiting for the certain Legion collector’s edition, saving 20% would make it a great buy.
ars technica post

SWTOR Is Worth Coming Back To

Posted 1.18.16 – Keep in mind this is an opinion piece (no, not written by me) but it is an opinion piece from polygon and the writers/gamers there have been known to say it like it is. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to read this article because I really miss playing SWTOR and it isn’t because of the alleged quality of the game; it comes down to simple economics. The article really makes me want to come back to the game (especially after my Force Awakens geekasm). I have heard a lot of good things about Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion and this article backs up all those claims. Ls-purple-black-core
polygon article

Blade & Soul Game-play Tips

Posted 1.18.16 – January 19th is when Blade & Soul became available for everyone but if you head over to Reddit, folks who were part of the head start have posted some pretty awesome tips for those just getting started with the game. As the post will point out, this isn’t the hand-holding kind of tips, but actual helpful game-play tips. As much as I wish I could tell you that I have tried out this game, I don’t have the time available to play more games than I already do (unless I win the next big lottery jackpot); however if you are thinking about playing Blade & Soul, you should check out these tips and the video.
Massively Overpowered post

at-st-walkerNew SW Battlefront DLC Coming Soon

Posted 1.21.16 – Star Wars Battlefront is getting glowing reviews and has massive sales milestones and there is more good news. New downloadable content will be coming soon which will include a Tatooine map and new costumes. The good news doesn’t end there. The new content will be free and available to everyone!
Gamespot post

More Diablo Characters Coming to HotS

Posted 1.21.16 – The rumor mills were churning late Wednesday night that Diablo’s Li-Ming the Wizard and Xul the Necromancer will be the next heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard hasn’t provided a preview yet for these new heroes but I believe it is confirmed that they will be added. The Blizzard Watch post even has a breakdown of each hero’s abilities.
Blizzard Watch post

/Facepalm: Legion for Twice the Price

picard-facepalm-7Posted 1.21.16 – Well if you pre-ordered Legion but you also want the Collector’s Edition when it becomes available, I hate to tell you this but you will have to order Legion twice if you want early access to Demon Hunters. Lucky for me I have been waiting to pre-order just in case they did this. I can wait the extra week to save the cash but its a terrible move by Blizzard. The reactions are exactly what you would expect.
Massively Overpowered post
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