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Let's Talk A Little Console Today

The MMO Times: Let’s Talk A Little Console Today

Tracer's Firm ButtoxIssue 144: The open beta of Overwatch has captured the attention of hundreds of gamers and thus has been making the usual headlines around the various gaming news media outlets. The superfluity of the news about Overwatch, however, is a pleasant change from the excessive political garbage on television and Facebook. I think that’s why I read more gaming news than actual news; for the most part, its politically agnostic. The Overwatch open beta has wrapped up, which is unfortunate if you haven’t pre-ordered the game. I hope you got a chance to play it and if so, I’d like to hear your thoughts. I will express mine in a separate post.

Be that as it may, this is a post about gaming news and not an editorial. We have a few posts about some console games in this issue (because consoles started it all for most of us). Blizzard titles are the more prolific games mentioned since everyone is talking about Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Legion. The Legion posts are more about fun and interesting things that await us in the coming expansion. I know August 30th is still a long way away so these little Legion treats help keep us somewhat satiated. KCGO.

The MMO Times: The 18th of April

warcraft-legionIssue 143: Welcome back, gamers. I hope you are having great weather to enjoy some outside time (just watch out for that daystar). April 18th seemed to be the day that all the interesting news decided to surface. Nearly everything you are about to read was posted all on the same day. It’s not a big deal, honestly. It just means I might be assembling issue 144 sooner, depending on what else is announced this week. PAX East is coming up April 22nd – 24th in Boston so you can expect to see a few treats surrounding that after this weekend.

Blizzard seems to be back to their old tricks (of not listening to their player/fan base). Perhaps Overwatch on the cusp of our fingertips might be part of their excuse, but that would be kind of lame. Star Citizen is ready to welcome you to PAX East and while we are on the topic of “free”, Neverwinter is now available by another means. Your merciful wings are ready to aid you in the depths of hell (if you meet the Overwatch requirements). It’s a lot of interesting news to come out in one day. KCGO.

The MMO Times: Were You April Fooled?

overwatch_tracerIssue #142: April Greetings, Gamers! Another April Fools Day has come and gone and the Internet tried their hardest to April Fool us all. I humbly admit that I rarely succumb to an April Fools prank. In fact its probably been high school since I last fell for a prank; in fact you better have hard evidence if you want to tell me anything serious on 4/1 because I believe nothing! Every year I love to see what Blizzard comes up with, in fact one of the posts in this issue covers some of the best and worst Internet April Fools jokes.

If you’re into the whole NCAA basketball tournament stuff, I’m sure you’re bracket is busted by now and you’re back to video games instead of that athletic stuff (sweating is gross). So check out the latest news about some of your current and favorite games. Neverwinter has a warning for players, Superman plays WoW, Hearthstone talks about Old Gods, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch finally meet. There are a few fun and interesting articles to check out in this issue. KCGO.

The MMO Times: The Madness of March

The MMO Times: The Madness of March

Video-Game-bracketIssue 142: So March Madness is here which means “gaming” takes on a different form, for most. Personally, I don’t partake, I’m not a basketball fan, but madness is clearly the appropriate adjective. People are completing brackets who know nothing, at all, about sports. I just sit idly by waiting for baseball season to start (the official indicator that spring is here) and play games where I have some modicum of control. I know this post has some headlines that are a week old but this post was kind of set aside for other life-related tasks. Because Real Life Happens (RLH).

More Blizzard headlines in this issue. Their resume of popular titles means its quite easy for them to show up frequently. There are, however, other things to read about. How about Virtual Reality gaming? Perhaps more Tomb Raider content? Whether its Hearthstone, StarCraft, or XBox, hopefully there is something here that will be interesting news for you to peruse. KCGO

Springing Forward

The MMO Times: Springing Forward!!!

spring-time-wowIssue 141: Greetings again, gamers!!! As we prepare to spring forward (March 13th DST starts) we start to see launch dates and beta announcements. Btw, is the US the only country that does the whole “spring forward/fall back” nonsense for Daylight Savings Time?? In any event, as the Daystar remains in the sky longer for us, we may only retire to our hovels later in the day (it is good to get outside sometimes) and when we do, we have a plethora of games we can play.

Obviously the big news is the launch day announcement for Overwatch so there are more details on that in this issue. While we are on the topic of Blizzard games, there is also interesting foreshadowing for Hearthstone. Valve is taking steps into the future and they are using Portal as the catalyst. Microsoft kills off another of its titles but a new multiplayer trailer for the New Doom is tearing some heads. KCGO

The MMO Times: Another Bloody Fortnight!!

dh-headerIssue 140: Yes, it has been a while since we have had one of these. Quite honestly the MMO news and gaming news hasn’t been that interesting. We are in that stagnant waiting period during which, I assume, publishers are working on their budgets for the year and things are churning away in beta (i.e. Overwatch). I wish there had been more things to read about to take us all away from the frustrating weather and the hostile circus that is the 2016 Presidential Race. 

I apologize that this is actually a week later than I originally intended to post it but things became really busy at work. I have to admit, I didn’t keep the news limited just to MMO titles. There are a couple console and non-MMO titles mentioned in this issue but the reason is primarily because of their geek canon (such as classic 90’s games and iconic nerdy celebrities). Final Fantasy XIV has some new content live and so does Star Wars: Battlefront. KCGO.

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