Boilermaker Beer Brats

Biggs Beer Bratz

Beer Bratz hot off the grill

These are my famous (albeit to a select few) Beer Brats. This recipe was originally taught to me by a good friend, including the secret ingredient (which you won’t find here per his request that I don’t share said ingredient). I made them for every home Purdue football game during our tailgates, hence the name “Boilermaker Beer Brats”. Over the years I have tweaked them using only specific brands and I now make them for several occasions and often upon request.

These are best if grilled, I have never made them any other way so if you choose to make them on a stove top, the flavor may vary greatly.

To get optimal flavor it is recommended that you prepare these 6-8 hours before cooking; letting them marinade overnight will render best results.

grilling-penguinHere is what you need (this makes 10 brats):
10 Uncooked brats (I recommend Johnsonville).
2 12oz cans/bottles of beer (1 can per 5 brats)
1 gallon sized ziplock bag

Worcestershire sauce (I prefer Lea & Perrins)
Garlic Powder
Black Pepper

Place all 10 brats in the ziplock bag.
Pour in both cans/bottles of beer.
(I don’t have specific measurements I often just wing it by site and smell – if that makes any sense)
With the bottle completely inverted, shake 14 times to add the Worcestershire (assuming the bottle you use has the cap that controls how much it pours). I’m guessing that is about 1-2 Tbsp.
A single shake of Garlic Powder (which is maybe 1 tsp.)
A single shake of Black Pepper
Two shakes of Paprika (or to flavor)

Try to seal the bag with as little air as possible. Once the bag has been sealed, shake the ingredients together.

Lie the brats flat in the refrigerator to marinate. I recommend, if you can, to flip the brats over every couple of hours to allow it to marinate evenly.

Cook and Enjoy!

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