May 192020
Trading My Sword for a Lightsaber

This is going to be a surprising announcement for some of you folks. In about a month my WoW subscription is scheduled to renew for six months. After nearly 15 years of consecutively renewing, I’m thinking about letting it lapse. My amazing raid team has completed the final Ahead of the Curve achievement for this expansion. Blizzard’s recent earnings call suggests that the next expansion isn’t due out until quarter four of 2020. So we are at an impasse. What Are We Going To Do Now? We don’t have the numbers (nor the spirit) to attempt the Mythic raids in the current expansion. We’re working [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 162014
SWTOR: Stronghold Impressions

So I have been playing SWTOR with a sub for the past two months to experience the new Strongholds feature added to the game. There seems to be mixed opinions, some say its completely lackluster and a waste of credits (the currency used in SWTOR) others have become completely addicted to customizing their apartment/palace/homestead. As for me … I’m probably pretty close to the latter. I get it why some people dislike it but I wouldn’t say its completely lackluster. Also, its not like you receive any kind of bonus to your character’s stats if you buy a stronghold, its purely cosmetic (and for the [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 092013
SWTOR: Gonna Try It Again

Well, I’ve decided to give SWTOR another try on the Free-2-Play mode. I am going to try to see if I can get use to all the things that my level 50s are restricted by because of the change to the F2P model. I keep reading everywhere that the SWTOR move to F2P has been a huge success so I guess that means that some of the changes I had hoped they would make are probably not going to happen (ex. allowing us to unlock wallet size and increased commendation count). It is nice that, as a preferred status member, I can still create up [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 162013
Soapbox: Makeb It Gay

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to post this under the SWTOR category or a Soapbox. I ultimately decided on a Soapbox because I’m going to focus more on that folks are making a big deal out of it. I mean, this game mechanic even made it to main stream news. First I am going to give a quick back story. In an upcoming expansion for the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic a new planet, called Makeb, will become available to extend character storylines and questing to reach the new level cap. Apparently the NPCs on the new planet will allow same sex flirtation. [… Click to Continue …]

Jan 082013
SWTOR: Feeling Conflicted

Despite my previous ranting about the half-assed free-2-play model Bioware implemented, I still often find myself wanting to play SWTOR. Usually that ends the moment I log in and immediately start to feel so constricted that I lose the motivation to play. When I see screenshots, news articles and Larry Everett’s blog posts I start to feel the urge to play again. Larry Everett’s geek enthusiasm is often quite contagious. I think another point that makes logging into SWTOR difficult is that so many of my friends that use to play are so annoyed and upset about the bad implementation of the free-2-play model that [… Click to Continue …]

Dec 172012
SWTOR: Insulting My Intelligence

I never thought I would be on a tirade about Bioware’s design decision for SWTOR. I was a huge supporter for nearly a year. I tried to think of their decisions from the developers perspective to combat the negativity and bad press the game was getting. I was really hoping that their decision to finally go Free-2-Play would resolve a lot of the harsh criticism. Instead it’s made it worse; even I am pretty peeved. The concept of the Cartel Coins and Shop seemed like a good idea. Similar shops have worked for other games in the past. I was looking forward to spending the [… Click to Continue …]