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Fantasy Month (2024) – Underworld

These movies are also great selections for Halloween month. Vampires and lycan (aka werewolves) are just as easily fantasy as they are horror. April snuck up on me fast so I had to make a quick decision as to the theme for Fantasy month. I hadn’t watched the Underworld movies in a while so it felt like a good time for a refresher.

There are five movies in the Underworld franchise. As I did for the Lethal Weapon movies, instead of doing them all individually, I am going to discuss them in a couple of groups. I will explain in a bit.

Before I go into each film, one of the things I like most about all of them is the pacing. They don’t stretch out the slower moments needed to move the plot along. The action almost feels non-stop which helps keep my attention.

Comedy Month (2024) – Donner and Gibson

The original intention was to go with a Mel Gibson comedy theme but then I realized that Richard Donner also directed all the movies I picked. If you are a movie aficionado like I am, you may have already guessed the films on this list this month. As I’ve said before, comedies are my favorite genre of film so picking just a handful is always difficult to do. However, I’m very satisfied with this month’s selections.

Drama Month (2024) – Based on True Events

The movie selections for Drama Month are those that are inspired by or are based on true events. I’m always a sucker for biopics and movies of significant historical figures and events. Again, I will write short reviews about each film but I will try to keep each review brief. Last month I may have been a bit loquacious.

I finished my watchlist early so this post is coming to you just before the end of the month. I do not anticipate fitting any more movies in before Comedy Month starts.

SciFi Month (2024) – Aliens!

For Science Fiction Month (2024), I went with an alien theme. You can probably guess at least four of the films on the list. Keep in mind that most movies I watch are on my media server (unless I own it on Blu-ray or 4k disc). Therefore, at some point, money was exchanged for the film to be in my possession. Which means I enjoyed the movie enough to own it.

I’m also going to do something a little different this year for my monthly movie binges. Instead of just telling you what the movies are, I’m going to also do a short film reflection where I will mostly explain what I like about the movie. So let’s get started.

MMT: Christmas Movies (2023)

Christmas Tree

A new year means let’s review December’s movie selections. There are a few in there that shouldn’t be a big surprise. There are several I always watch every year (and that list keeps growing). Let’s forego the loquacious preamble and just get into the list:

  • White Christmas
  • Scrooged
  • Star Wars Holiday Special
  • Santa Claus the Movie
  • 8 Bit Christmas
  • A Christmas Story Christmas
  • A Christmas Story
  • Bad Santa
  • Holiday Inn
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Spirited

MMT: Random Theme (2023) Robin Williams

The passing of Matthew Perry had me thinking about Robin Williams. As funny as Matthew Perry was, he’s a dim candle compared to the bright light that was Robin Williams. Therefore, for November’s random theme, I chose Robin Williams movies.

Robin Williams

There are so many films to choose from and I only own 30 of them. He is far more versatile than most people think but I chose to stick with his comedies. He is best known for his comedy. So here are my 2023 selections for Random Theme Month.

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