Jul 052020
Biggs' Top 5 80's Comedy Movies

For July we are back to movies. My top 5 80’s Comedy Movies. The movies from the 80’s are probably some of my favorite movies, and it’s really all thanks to John Hughes. So many of them withstand the test of time. Plus its so much fun to reminisce about a simpler time. There are so many great comedies from the 80’s, which made this list difficult to whittle down to merely 5. I had to go with which movies I find myself quoting often or seeking out a giphy or being able to still recite a specific scene from the movie. So here they [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 052020
Biggs' Top 5 Books

I’m going a different direction for the June Top Five. Let’s direct our attention away from movies this month and talk about books. This could be one of those topics that I could have split into genres. I’ve read a lot of books that span many genres. However, when I sat down to write this post I went with the books that stood out the most in my mind. All the books in the top 5 are books I have read at least more than once. Most of these books do have corresponding movies, however don’t watch the movie in lieu of reading the book. [… Click to Continue …]

May 052020
Biggs' Top 5 Star Wars Villains

In the spirit of Star Wars month, the May Top 5 is Star Wars themed. I could have taken this many different routes. I actually thought about ranking the top five of the 11 films. While Empire Strikes Back is my favorite, I enjoy the rest of them so equally that it just wouldn’t work. I chose the top 5 Star Wars villains because everyone always picks their favorite Jedi or droid. The villains I selected go beyond the films. There are far more villains than you think when you include the animated and Disney+ series and all the books. So here we go. Darth [… Click to Continue …]

Apr 052020
Biggs' Top 5 90s Comedy Movies

Comedy is probably my favorite genre of movie, and since I have so many favorite comedies I chose the top 5 90s comedy movies for the month of April. In a future Top 5 post I will post 80s comedy movies. I was born in the 80s so many of those films I couldn’t watch until it was well into the 90s. Picking a favorite comedy is tough. A couple of these on the list have sequels. Any move with a sequel is inclusive. So here they are, in no particular order: Grumpy Old Men – Both movies. Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon and Burgess Meredith [… Click to Continue …]

Mar 052020
Biggs' Top 5 Drama Movies

This month I chose the top 5 drama movies. This list is a little easier as drama isn’t really my favorite genre, but there are some great drama movies. I still chose non-franchised movies to make the list easier to filter as well as a few other parameters. The soundtrack plays a big role as well as surprise plot twists and caliber of acting. A Beautiful Mind – I’m a sucker for a biopic and I love the soundtrack! Fight Club – I love the twist ending and Edward Norton is amazing V for Vendetta – I watch this every November 5th. I just love [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 052020
Biggs' Top 5 Action/Adventure Movies

I am a huge movie buff so picking my favorite top 5 action/adventure movies is very difficult. In fact, in order to even whittle the list down to 5 I have to set some further qualifications. So for this top 5 list I chose movies that are non-franchised. A “non-franchised” is any movie that is not part of a trilogy or large collection of related films (ex: James Bond or the Marvel movies that make up the Infinity Saga). It’s also based on if I were channel surfing and these movies came on, I would be inclined to continue watching without starting over. This list [… Click to Continue …]