Jan 262016

the geeks have inherited the EarthRemember us; from 20 years ago? I know you do. We were the daily mugging. It was never about the lunch money or the dress shirts. We were bullied because we were smarter than you, because we could thrive without trying, because you felt threatened by us. We warned you to be kind to us because you should feel threatened. We had many mantras.

“Be nice to geeks, you’ll probably end up working for one”

“Geeks, will one day, inherit the Earth.”

“Geeks rule the World”

Well now the geeks have inherited the Earth, and we remember! Our minds are steel traps. We haven’t forgotten who bullied and tortured us. Your misplaced machismo may have brought us down on the outside, but it steeled our willpower and drove our ambitions. Now we are the timid tormentors. We are the kings of passive retribution. There are now more of us than there are of you. We may hide behind our monitors and tablets, but that is to disguise our numbers. We may dress like Jedi, Nintendo princesses, hobbits and wizards but that doesn’t mean our resolve has been weakened. We dress as creatures of power because we are creatures of power!

Now we pray on your insecurities and inadequacies. While you sleep, we are building empires but now as CEO, CTO, CIO and even as actors and actresses. Now we control your fate as yours employer and your superiors. Most of us do it as presidents and board members; or we enter your homes through your televisions and Blu-ray players; but there are those of us that do it … “anonymously”, from afar. We know your secrets because we have silently infiltrated your life. Our manifesto from the ’80’s still applies today. You live in our world now! You cannot hide from us; we are smarter than you, remember?

We are abundant.

We are everywhere.

We are watching you.

And we tried to warn you – now go empty the trash!

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