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mmotimesheaderIIIssue 90: Guten Tag! I hope all of you have had a safe and fun Oktoberfest this year! I know here we had a visit from Star Trek’s Captain Sulu to lead off our local brewfest. Anyone else have any interesting Oktoberfest stories? Hopefully you didn’t stay indoors and play GTAV the whole time. While you will always be able to come back and wreck havoc in Los Santos, you won’t always be able to go out and enjoy some awesome beer until next year. Be that as it may, here are some headlines that you may have missed as a result of your drunken stupor.

Despite my lengthy absence from posting the next issue, there doesn’t seem to be a lot happening anyway. BlizzCon is the next most notable conference coming up so theories and whispers have begun to float around regarding Blizzards current and upcoming titles. Some sad news about Warhammer Online, another Blizzard trademark foreshadowing, and other patch and expansion news for our favorite games.

Mythic Shutting Down Warhammer Online

Posted 9.18.13 – On the fifth anniversary of the MMO Warhammer Online Mythic announced that the game would be shutting down. Well, that’s kind of a crappy birthday! Apparently the licensing deal they had with Games Workshop has expired and thus players have until December 18th to enjoy WAR. It’s always a little depressing when I hear about MMO games that I’ve read so much about (though actually never played) will be shutting down. Thanks for the memories WAR.
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MMOs Going Console

Posted 9.23.13 – IGN has an interesting article which has a list of big name MMOs that could be showing up on your favorite gaming console. Titles such as FFXIV, DCUO and ESO are just a couple titles that are allegedly going to be ported to X-Box and Playstation gaming consoles. I haven’t been much of a console gamer lately, but a fun title ported to a console could get me away from the computer for once.
IGN article

Blizzard Trademarks: Heroes of the Storm

Posted 9.30.13 – I have been waiting for this to hit the news wires. Blizzard “possibly” just trademarked the term “Heroes of the Storm” and with BlizzCon just over a month away, it wouldn’t surprise me if this were related to the next WoW expansion. The question is, what would the premise of the expansion be? What can we extrapolate from this title that would provide us any clues? I guess we’ll have to wait until November to find out! In the meantime, what are your thoughts?
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Bioware Launches 2.4 Early

Posted 9.30.13 – Ok, this would kind of piss me off if I wanted to get in some last minute pre-patch tasks completed. Bioware brought the servers down early the night before patch 2.4 was slated to hit live servers. It seems perhaps someone might have jumped the gun on this one. Apparently some players had to download the whole game client again??
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Blizzcon In-Game Goodies Revealed

Posted 10.1.13 – Whether you are attending Blizzcon in person or you are purchasing the Virtual Ticket, Blizzard has finally unveiled the in-game goodies you will receiving from this years Blizzcon. The big one, for me and my wife at least, is the new murloc pet (Murkalot). There are other goodies for each of the other games (including Hearthstone apparently). The following link will show you a few pictures of Murkalot and the other items you can expect. Anyone attending the convention this year?
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Cryptic Merging Neverwinter Servers

Posted 10.1.13 – Cryptic announced that it will be merging all servers (aka “Shards”) into one server in the near future. The doomsayers will proclaim that this is the first step toward failure (most of these “pundits” are just trolls and haters). The developers claim they have been planning this merge for quite some time but claim the game is thriving. Believe what you want to believe, but the merge is coming and they are promising that it should be smooth and seamless.
Gaming Blend article

Warcraft Movie Release Date

Posted 10.2.13 – I know this doesn’t have anything to do with playing a game, but its been talked about in the WoW community for quite a while so perhaps its worth mentioning if anyone is interested. There has been an official announcement that the Warcraft movie will hit theaters in 2015. The next Star Wars movie is also slated for the same year so its likely to be a great year for geeky movies (if both of these titles are done well). The only name I’ve heard to potentially star in the Warcraft movie is Colin Farral (his specific role is unknown, just that it will be the male alliance lead).
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