Aug 012020

The madness continues. When we last spoke I calculated the possible percent of the population that has been infected with the virus. The total number of cases, per the CDC, on May 23rd was approximately 1.8 million. Which is approximately 0.54% of the population. Exactly two months later, to the day (i.e. July 23rd) the total cases, per the CDC, is at approximately 3.9 million. Using basic math we are now at 1.2% of the population with confirmed cases. The numbers have doubled! I admit that the 3.9 million confirmed cases is likely a combination of:

  • cases counted multiple times (either accidentally or intentionally)
  • antibody testing (anyone that has the antibodies had the virus, whether they realized it or not)
  • encompasses all cases, past and present (i.e. these are not “active” cases but ALL cases)

Regardless, I have completely changed my stance on masks. I wear one everywhere I go (since about mid-June). I’m really tired of this shit and I just want it to be over. If wearing a mask will expedite that then I’ll wear a mask, albeit begrudgingly. But I digress.

The Introvert Cure

If this quarantine has taught me anything its that I will never take it for granted the ability to get out of the house. We’re home bodies. I’d rather sit in the air conditioning reading a book or playing video games as opposed to sitting on the beach. Honestly, that concept hasn’t completely changed, however while sitting on the beach is still quite out of the question other outdoor activities suddenly seem more appealing.

You know the saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, well that’s what I’m feeling now. I was clearly neglecting all the times I could have been at the ballpark or a family cook out. As much as I enjoy being at home and reading a book or playing video games, this pandemic has taught me that I need more out door time. I will never again take for granted going to a baseball or football game, seeing a movie in the theater or attending a family gathering (unless its at the beach, have I mentioned that I still don’t like the beach).

Finally, I really miss going to church.



I could accomplish so much more if I only had minions!


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