Mar 132017
Not My Ideal Vacation

Is this your ideal vacation?

We are having some crazy weather so naturally everyone starts thinking about summer and vacation time. When everyone talks about going on their ideal vacation the first thing everyone thinks of is the beach. However, my ideal vacation is not the beach. In fact my ideal vacation is rarely anyplace near an ocean. I’m not saying I hate the beach. On the contrary, I think the sounds of crashing waves and a warm breeze on my face at night is incomparable. As long as the temperature isn’t much higher than 75 degrees, I’ll read a book outside in that nice breeze … in the shade.

I don’t tan, I burn. In fact I burn quite easily, so spending a lot of time out in the sun isn’t ideal without lathering up on sunblock as if I were an infant. So shade is my friend. Therefore going into the water isn’t a common occurrence. Actually going into the water is pretty much out of the question. I don’t know what lurks on the ground, beneath the water. Who knows what creature or flotsam I might step on! Then when you leave the water, and step in dry sand with wet feet!

Then There Is All That Sand!

Anakin and I are on the same page

If I have to pick my least favorite thing about the beach, it would be the sand. All that Sand! Sand! Sand! Sand! (I’m channeling Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch there). Sand on your feet! Sand on your legs! Sand on your clothes! Sand on your hands!!! It gets everywhere; and just when you think you washed it all off, you find more! It follows you home!

You can’t wear sneakers because sand gets all over them; and no matter how long you bang them against the wall, you never seem to get all of the sand off. You can’t wear sandals/flip-flops because then sand gets inside them and your feet constantly feel dirty. If I wear sandals on the beach the first thing I want to do when I leave is shower; and throw my shoes in the washing machine.

So What Is My Ideal Vacation?

While I do love the serenity of relaxing near the beach, there are other places that can provide the same luxury without the presence of gritty silica. I’ve spent time in the mountains, hiking or horse back riding, and I also found the same tranquility as the beach. However I don’t think even the mountains is my ideal vacation. Yes I do enjoy the quiet to do some reading but I really enjoy culture and history. Traveling abroad is probably my ideal vacation, albeit expensive. Spending time in Paris or London provides both culture and history. In fact I would enjoy visiting any place in the EU.

When the wallet can’t handle international travel, there are plenty of places, domestically, that can provide cultural and historical value. The Smithsonian comes to mind immediately. Just spending some time in a city that isn’t close to home. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC etc. I could easily spend a weekend in Chicago; especially during baseball and/or football season. So if there are historical landmarks and locations, museums of art and/or technology, and an immersive culture, that sounds like a great vacation.

What about you? Beach? Or something with a little less mess?



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