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WoW: Legendary Cloak Quest

anth_cloakLast night I finally completed the legendary questline to receive my legendary cloak on Quentyn (formally known as Anthonius). It’s the first time I have ever completed a current legendary quest line (did someone say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker??) It is a very long series of quests with a couple of obnoxious grinds (depending on your luck and the RNG).

The obvious grinds are all the sigils, secrets and runestones you have to collect. If you are not lucky when it comes to RNG drops, these will take you the longest. In fact I had to wait until the Gaze of the Black Prince buff before I finally received the rest of my Titan Runestones. The Sigils are probably the least awful of the raid boss grinds, they seem to drop pretty regularly. The only redeeming factor is that you can collect the items by running LFR, but you get a chance at the item dropping only once per week from each boss (in the applicable dungeon). Your chances do improve, I believe, if you run a normal raid (10/25). Honestly, the 12 Titan Runestones was the longest grind for me.

The other “grind” may not actually be a grind for some, depending on your luck (or faction). You have to win two PvP battleground matches: a Temple of Kotmogu match and a Silvershard Mines match. Your luck on this part of the quest is probably going to depend on your server and your faction. I play mostly Alliance so you can imagine that winning any PvP match is a grind. I was lucky with Silvershard Mines, I won on the third match; but I think I played about a dozen Temple of Kotmogu matches before I finally got the win I needed. I understand why PvP is part of the quests, Blizzard wants a legendary item to include all facets of the game, but for those of us that are not really into PvP (and play Alliance), its a pretty frustrating part.

I think if Blizzard hadn’t given us the Gaze of the Black Prince buff I probably never would have completed the quests and received my Qian-Ying, Fortitude of Niuzao during this expansion. I do kind of wish I had done it earlier instead of just 3 months prior to Warlords of Draenor but I guess its better than 3 weeks before it. Now I just have to finally finish Siege of Orgrimmar (I still haven’t seen the Garrosh fight).

(BTW, while I was originally thinking there is no way I am going to repeat this process on another toon … I do actually feel slightly inclined to try to do it one more time since the buff lasts 10 more days)


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  2. LOL, I wish I could but it’s taken on Aerie Peak

  3. I found out in CTR last night that apparently after you have completed the quests to get your cloak, you can buy the other cloaks for your off specs (but it will cost about 7,087 gold)

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