Jul 032013

tumblr_static_7I’ve been a fan of the Star Wars franchise since I was 10 years old. I’ll always love the original trilogy first but I honestly don’t mind the prequels. I get the fact that there are some folks (so-called “fans”) that don’t like the prequel movies, but hey that’s their deal. The Empire Strikes Back is by far my favorite of the six but I had no idea that people hated Ewoks so much.

Again, I don’t mind the Ewoks. I thought it was great when 3PO stood up and they all freaked out and started bowing to him as if he were some kind of god; that was awesome. I suppose I get that people have a hard time swallowing the fact that all the power and might of the Empire was thwarted by fuzzy creatures using sticks and stones, but I think that’s the point. I think its the dichotomy of the two sides that makes the fight interesting and entertaining. The Empire’s overconfidence in their advanced technology was the character flaw and thus why the Ewoks were successful in their assault.

An arrogant enemy isn’t always a victorious enemy.

I liked the Ewoks. I’ll take a thousand Ewoks over one Jar-Jar any day! So why is there so much Ewok hate?? (oh, and the other thing that makes Return of the Jedi great … Speeder Bikes … I want one!)

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