Jun 252013

me_gpav_wrigley-smGranted, I don’t think its necessary to explain why anyone chooses whatever team they choose to root for but I feel that my choices for being a Cubs fan are pretty sentimental. The picture you see attached to this post is a photo of me when I was 2 years old. I am seated with my grandfather in Wrigley Field. Documented proof that I have been a Cubs fan since I was 2 years old.

It’s more then just a 30 year old picture. I grew up in South Bend, Indiana but I fondly remember my grandfather showing up at our house in his 1986 red Mustang to pick up me and my dad and we drove to Chicago to watch the Cubs play. He did this quite often. He was a die-hard Cubs fan and he passed that on to my dad and me. He passed away never having seen the Cubs win a World Series. I hope that doesn’t happen to me or my dad.

I hope to instill this love for a baseball team in my kids one day and I know my dad will do all he can to perpetuate the love for the Cubbies. I think to be a Cubs fan is like a good marriage. You must endure the bad times and savor the good times no matter how abundant and/or few there may be. I will never give up on the Cubs because I know my grandfather never would have.

So now you know why when someone asks me “why am I a Cubs fan” that I respond with “because I’ve been a fan since I was 2 years old.”

Go Cubs!

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