Nov 302015

florida-houseIt’s been a while since I have posted something. It wasn’t from a lack of subject matter (which has often given me writer’s block in the past). No, this time it was warm climates and crashing waves. I spent another Thanksgiving along the shores of southern Florida. I’m not a beach person. As far as I’m concerned silicon belongs in circuit boards, not stuck between my toes and in the crevasses of my feet (I’ll let that visual sink in).

I was in Fort Lauderdale last week, staying in the house pictured above. While the beach was, literally, across the street, I only visited it once. Actually, probably one of the best highlights from the trip was spending 3 hours in Sun Life Stadium. Granted the Dolphins lost that game, but watching a game in the home stadium has long been a bucket list item for me. I mean, how often can you cross off a bucket list item?

Everyday it was in the mid-70’s and a hot tub was just beyond the door, which I did use quite often last week. In fact my post-Thankgiving meal activity was sitting in the hot tub (before watching the Bears and Packers game). A steaming, bubbling hot tub is very cathartic both mentally and physically.

Despite the warm climate, after a week I did long for home. I don’t mind vacationing in Florida, but I don’t think its a place where I could live. I don’t mind the seasonal weather changes that marks the passage of time. After a week, sleeping in your own bed sounds just as refreshing as a Florida vacation sounded prior to leaving for vacation. So I’m back in chilly Ohio, ready to get back to work.

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving too, no matter where you celebrated it.


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