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darth-vader-lukeIssue 115: The MMO Times is coming back. The gaming news just seemed to come to an abrupt halt where there just wasn’t anything interesting to share. I didn’t want to try to dig up menial stories that have little to no credibility just to keep providing a new post/email. I’m not interested in filling up your inboxes with junk. Of course then various real life events quickly exacerbated that hiatus; but hopefully we are back in full swing for a while. It has been about 6 weeks as the last MMO Times post was back when we lost our beloved Mr. Spock. Rest In Peace, Leonard Nimoy!

Upon our return it seems the interesting news is predominately Blizzard titles; primarily WoW and Diablo III (including some Warcraft movie news). The rumor mill has churned out a few things, specifically for WildStar. There is also some exciting news for a classic title (though it is not MMO related). Hopefully there is something you didn’t know about in the links below. In the meantime, KCGO.

WoW: Latest Patch 6.2 Notes

Posted 5.13.15  – I know I missed bringing the news for patch 6.1 so hopefully I can get you the latest news for 6.2 before it hits the live servers. The latest notes talks more about the Tanaan Jungle invasion and what’s next for your garrison. Here’s a hint, Naval Missions!! I’m kind of excited/intrigued by what our garrison will look like next and what new goodies are in store for our toons and our followers.
Blizzard Watch Post

WoW: Mystic Runesaber Mount

Posted 5.13.15 – If there is a new mount to talk about, you know I am going t post something about it. I am a mount fanatic and this mount looks badass. The wings could probably use a little work. Blizzard seems obsessed with the semi-transparent, ghostly effect for wings lately. It’s probably about time for a new design. The post does have a video that will show off the animations of the new mount. I do love the cat model, seems so graceful. This mount is one you purchase from the store for the usual mount price (although if you can wait, Blizzard usually has a mount sale in the June/July range).
Blizzard Watch Post

Rumor Mill: WildStar F2P on Steam

Posted 5.13.15 – Yep, you are not imagining that. When WildStar is available on Steam the game will be Free-2-Play. This initially started as a rumor from third party sources but was recently “verified” by an anonymous Carbine employee on Reddit. I think Carbine may still be trying to keep a lid on the rumor because suspiciously that same user has now been banned from Reddit, so you might want to heed the rumor until we know more.
Massively Overpowered Post

It’s The Cowpocalypse!

Posted 5.15.15 – Believe it or not Diablo III is now 3 years old and to celebrate cows have invaded. They are calling it the “Cowpocalypse” and it kind of makes me wish I was still playing Diablo III. Actually you have to find portals that will take you to a special battlefield where you can slaughter cows (I’m sure PITA loves it). The cowpocalypse will last through the 21st. Enjoy the bovine decimation!
Massively Overpowered Post

Doom Returning?

Posted 5.18.15 – I had not realized that id Software and Bathesda are working on a new Doom title. No, it isn’t going to be an MMO but I’m pointing out this article because its Doom! Which was the best game after Quake back in the late 80’s and 90’s. Apparently there was a teaser trailer (which you can also see in the provided link) unveiled at QuakeCon last year. It was originally labeled as “Doom 4” but has since changed. I haven’t played Doom in quite a long time, but the evolution of graphics technology over the years is going to completely change the look-and-feel of this game. Check out the two trailers in the link below.
polygon article

Warcraft Movie Update

Posted 5.18.15 – Since I haven’t been paying much attention over the past few weeks I don’t know if there has been any new information about the WarCraft movie. Be that as it may, the most recent news about the movie is a recent picture of Orgrim Doomhammer has officially been revealed by Wired magazine. I have to say, he looks pretty badass; hopefully the movie is equally as badass. Hollywood does not have a great track record of “video-games-into-movies”.
IGN Post

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