Jan 172018

Wrigley Field – 1982

I have been a Chicago Cubs fan my whole life. It’s a family legacy that has been instilled in me from my father, passed down from his father. In 2016, when the unbelievable happened, while all the life long fans were euphoric, suddenly there were all these new fans. I was literally on my knees, rejoicing while also lamenting that my grandfather didn’t live to see it happen. Devout fans know the glory whereas fair weather fans are merely impostors.

Perhaps their first World Series championship in 108 years spawned new fans, to which I say welcome to the party. However, those that gave up only to return when things are good, are pathetic. Only the most devoted of fans lived through the billy goats, black cats and Steve Bartman‘s and never let go. The true fans can endure the good with the bad. You can’t call yourself a fan only when it suits you, no matter how you try to rationalize it.

This Isn’t About Baseball (or Sports)

This isn’t a post about the Chicago Cubs, or any sports team. I’m talking to Star Wars fans. Fair weather fans do not always apply to sports teams, clearly Star Wars also has its share as well. I understand the criticism the prequels often receive but it’s hardly worth such ire. While they have their shortcomings, I think they have quite a few redeeming qualities. If you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, a true and devoted Star Wars fan, then you can find the a way to love all the movies. Otherwise, you are merely an impostor.

It’s not about the terrible acting by Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen, midichlorians or Jar Jar. It’s about the great characters (ex: Dexter Jettster, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, General Grevious). It’s about knowing the origin story and the awesome music. Watching Ewan McGregor don the Obi-Wan costume and show that he is a kick-ass Jedi was incredible. A devout fan is always the optimist and can find redemption in the valley’s.

If you’re choosing to ignore the prequels, you’re a fair weather fan. If you hold on only to old canon, and refute the new canon, you’re a fair weather fan. When you are unable to endure the low times and linger only on the past, you’re a fair weather fan. If you’re a fair weather fan, then you’re not really a fan at all.

If You Can Do Better, Then Do It

Some of the things I constantly hear from all the fair weather fans is “George Lucas should have done <this>” or “Rian Johnson shouldn’t have done <that>”. It’s as if these “fans” know more about making a movie or telling a story than the folks who have been doing it all of their lives. If you think you can do better, then write the script, hire the “right” actors, partner with a production company, and go make the movie. You’ll probably have better odds of winning the lottery (at least then you can buy a production company to “make the right version” of the films). If you can’t put up then shut up; go be a Trekkie where they argue about who is the better captain (by the way, it’s Kirk).


The Force. It calls to you. Just let it in.


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