Aug 152016

“THUMP! ………………… THUMP!”

It doesn’t really sound like that, figuratively and literally. It’s more of a crushing sound, bones and morale. It will take your life and your loyalty depending on the context. The worst part is, most of the time you won’t even see it coming. One minute you will be going about your day and the next you’re fodder for the wolves! Sure there are usually warnings but depending on who, or what has your attention can affect whether you recognize the warnings. Depending on the severity you might be able to come back from it, but life will be different.

Obviously the former has more mortal consequences and relies on the hands of good doctors and surgeons. The latter will require more action from you and your ability to subvert the greater evil.  If its within your means to influence the outcome, it might behoove you to take the hit. Sometimes its better to lose the battle in order to win the war. It’s important to keep in mind that in these cases you need to help yourself because its clear nobody is going to help you. It’s time to start making plans.

Always Plan Ahead

All you need is the plan,
the road map,
and the courage
to press on to your destination.

Earl Nightingale

You have to know how you are going to handle the immediate situation and you have to make a plan for the future. There is never a good outcome, only the bad and the ugly. The ugly likely means your future plan and your immediate plan are going to be the same and there is nothing you can do about that (except try to be the bigger person). The bad means you have options to consider. Will you constantly feel judged when you are walking through the halls each day? Can you endure the day-to-day and, again, try to be the bigger person? Also keep in mind that no matter how long its been since the beginning, if there is ever another hunt, which you know there will be, are you going to be the target again?

You have to think about what the future will look like, and it may or may not be a pleasant view. Has your outlook changed? Greyhounds have a tendency to make you take a second look at yourself. Talking to your peers may help, especially the brutally honest ones. It also doesn’t hurt to keep all your options open and don’t forget to weigh the pros and the cons. Unfortunately none of this is going to be pleasant; in fact its going to add quite a bit of stress but do not be afraid to make the hard choice.

It’s All About Perception

The important thing in either situation is to keep your cool; thus trying to be the bigger person. It’s obvious you already are because it was the coward that put you here. If you remain calm but keep your guard up, chances are they will be less guarded. Remember, it’s all about perception. Don’t be influenced by their jargon, especially when they tell you that eventually it will feel like it never happened. But you will never forget. Also, don’t stoop to their level and try to run someone else over; that will not make it right.

The jaded will dwell on it but only the guilty will want you to forget.

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