Kenobi Part IV

This episode is a little slower than the last but still a great episode. There are two more left and I believe this one is setting up the final confrontation. The end of Part III is just a taste of the promised “re-match”, of this I am certain. There are more details, and theories, I want to get into for Kenobi Part IV but, as usual, I have to issue the spoiler warning first.

This one isn’t quite as riddled with easter eggs as the previous episode, but there is something familiar if you’ve seen The Clone Wars. Let’s pause here for the spoiler warning before I say too much.

spoiler alert!!!

The following content contains spoilers for Kenobi Part IV.

The Tomb of Fallen Jedi

I’m going to just start off with the Easter eggs in this episode, but there aren’t many. The only real place to start is the tomb of the fallen Jedi in Fortress Inquisitorius. It appears the Inquisitors are keeping “trophies” of the Jedi they have captured and slain. This isn’t surprising; if you’ve watched Rebels, they did the same thing to Luminara Unduli for dark purposes.

Tera Sinube
Tera Sinube

Most of the entombed Jedi are unknowns but one does stand out and it’s kind of a heartbreaker. Obi-Wan pauses in front of the body of Tera Sinube, the loveable and wise old Jedi from the Clone Wars episode “Lightsaber Lost”. This is one of my favorite Jedi from the Clone Wars and it’s sad to see that he met his fate against the inquisitors.

I didn’t quite recognize anyone else. I even did a few online searches to see if anyone else caught something. A couple folks believe one of the bodies is Coleman Kcaj, a member of the council from Revenge of the Sith. Some thought they spotted Quinlan Vos because there was a rumor that O’Shea Jackson was cast to portray him. Quinlan is not among the dead Jedi.

A quick note about O’Shea Jackson, who does appear in this episode but not as Quinlan Vos. He is one of the Rebels helping on Jabiim. I was today-years-old when I learned that O’Shea Jackson is the son of rapper and actor Ice Cube!! Ice Cube is old enough to have a 31 year old son!! Look how old I’ve become!

We Are Heading Toward the Finale

Let’s cover some theories about the series and leading into the final two episodes. I have seen a few Tiktok videos and blog theories that each episode is corresponding to the 3 prequels and 3 original movies. When I watched this episode I kept A New Hope in mind and I think there is some absolute truth to this theory. There are some definite nods to ANH in this episode, from Obi-Wan sneaking around an Imperial base to using the Force to distract the Stormtroopers.

So if this is the pattern they are following, then Part V will have parallels with Empire Strikes Back. What kinds of things might we see then? Will someone lose a hand? Will we finally see Qui-Gon?? It’s possible that this could be the episode when Obi-Wan finally communes with Qui-Gon. We saw Yoda for the first time in Empire Strikes Back and it’s the episode when Obi-Wan first appears as a Force ghost. I think this is the perfect scenario to bring back Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan’s strength in the Force and confidence in himself will be restored.

This is my prediction for either Part V or Part VI. Qui-Gon will help him to be ready for the confrontation with Vader. Obi-Wan will demonstrate that he is still the Master and Vader still has a lot to learn about the Force, despite Vader’s title as a “Sith Lord”.

The tracker in LOLA has made it clear that the final confrontation of the series will be on Jabiim. Return of the Jedi is a story about redemption. I have a couple theories about who might find redemption in Part VI but I will save that until after Part V is out. Until then …