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mmotimesheaderIIIssue 92: Sorry for the lengthy delay; between work, the website becoming compromised and various other IRL stuff I haven’t been able to post a recent MMO Times. The hidden benefit though is that now that Blizzcon is over you know there should be plenty to talk about *cough*garrisons*cough*. MMO-Champion is probably going to get a lot of love in this issue because they seem to have the best overview of all that came out of Blizzcon this year. Therefore, if you are curious about what is new with World of Warcraft then I would recommend reading the headlines/posts in this issue from MMO-Champion.

I didn’t just find articles about what Blizzard announced and revealed at Blizzcon so don’t go anywhere. There are plenty of other things happening to read about. In fact if you stick around you will see that a new event will be starting for Final Fantasy XIV players as well as the next iteration for Marvel Heroes (which provides some godly, and demi-godly, additions). Plus Trion teases players with some recent domain registration activity. Read on and game on, friends.

circledArrowWoW’s Fifth Expansion: Warlords of Draenor!

Posted 11.8.13 – I think the best way I can show you what to expect in the next WoW expansion is to provide a link not only to the trailer but a link with a synopsis of what exactly is happening in Warlods of Draenor (WoD) from a lore perspective. MMO-Champion has the video and the synopsis right below the video. I think this expansion is really going to appeal to all the WoW lore junkies out there.
MMO-Champion post

WoD: Player Garrisons

Posted 11.8.13 – I wasn’t sure what this was going to be but after reading MMO-Champion’s overview of Player Garrisons I am kind of excited for them. If you played SWTOR, think of the purpose your ship functions from the perspective of having a place where your companions hang out. You can upgrade your garrison which will improve throughput of your “Followers” which can complete different profession-like tasks. I can’t really properly explain in a short synopsis, I really recommend you read the post.
MMO-Champion post

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s LoL

Posted 11.9.13 – If you are a fan of League of Legends, or that type of play, then you are probably going to enjoy Heroes of the Storm. You may remember this title by its original name, Blizzard All-Stars. You will be able to play heroes from all the various Blizzard titles, from Arthas to Diablo or Carrigan. Again, MMO-Champion has a great write up about what was revealed at Blizzcon and there is quite a photo gallery to check out too.
MMO-Champion post

Trion Registers Troves of “Troves”

Posted 11.11.13 – Trion Worlds, the folks that brought you RIFT, have registered several domains containing the word “Trove”. So far none of the links actually take you to working websites and no other details have been revealed. Obviously this kind of activity sparks quite the murmur of what Trion is up to. Is this another RIFT expansion? A new title? Nobody really knows for sure. Any thoughts?
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No Flying In Draenor Even at 100, At First

Posted 11.11.13 – So there is a rumor floating about, after an podcast where Ghostcrawler answered some fan questions, that flying won’t be possible on Draenor even at level 100. It’s possible that this won’t be permanent but players may have to wait as long as until the first content patch (i.e. 6.1). Honestly this might make the game feel a little old school, before Burning Crusade.
WoW Insider post

Getting Nostalgic in FFXIV

Posted 11.12.13 – You may remember a while back that players of Final Fantasy XIV may get a chance to see some old school gear. Well you can start indulging on Thursday, November 14th! It will be a series of quests that will run until about December 9th (and scheduled to return in February). The post I found will break down for you all the times as to when each of the quests will be available to complete. There is a special reward for completing the first step. If you’re into FFXIV I would advise reading this post.
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Marvel Heroes Capitalizing On Thor 2

Posted 11.12.13 – I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that the next installment for Marvel Heroes involves Loki and Asgard just as Thor 2: The Dark World comes out in theaters. Whether its intentional or not, you can now log into Marvel Heroes and cross the Bifrost Bridge, as Loki even, if your heart desired. I would check out the trailer in the post on Massively.
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