Aug 282015

broken-surface-2-appleI know, why would I write an opinion post on something that has been around for 40 years??! Since the birth of the iPad technology has been trending away from the nostalgic old desktop PC. Tablets and laptops (and other forms of mobile devices) are becoming more popular by the hour. The truth is, I’m not really a fan of laptops. Sure I use a laptop for work because it’s easier as a consultant to have your trusty computer with you when you need it, but work is the only occasion where I feel like having one is warranted.

My home PC is a custom built desktop. The key word there is custom. I like knowing exactly what is in my computer and I like that I am the person that put it there. I have never bought a mass manufactured desktop PC (emphasis on PC, because I do own a Mac-Mini). I have never needed a reason to buy a laptop to use as my primary computer. Granted, I do have a laptop that I take with me on extended vacations, but when I’m home I will only use my desktop; and to be honest I think I would be just fine without one while on vacation. I typically spend more time doing touristy stuff or reading books when I’m on vacation. If I want to look something up when I’m away from the computer, I reach for my iPad and thus have never wished it were a laptop.

The two primary functions of my home computer is for gaming and programming. Honestly I just think using a desktop is the best hardware for both of these functions. Granted a laptop can be used for software development (obviously since I use one for that purpose at work), but it needs to be a fairly well specced laptop, one I definitely couldn’t afford on my own (which is why I make sure I take very good care of the one provided to me from my employer). How people use laptops for gaming (especially MMOs) is almost beyond my capacity, unless they are plugging peripherals in. They almost have to be using an unattached keyboard and mouse, I just don’t see how any other configuration would be efficient and comfortable. In fact, when I am using a laptop, I always try to plug in a keyboard and mouse if its possible because I don’t like typing on most laptop keyboards and I loathe the touch pad.

I know people make it work somehow and that’s fine, as far as I’m concerned. My desktop is like a muscle car, I like to beef it up, make it glow. I want it to have presence <insert manly Tim Taylor grunts>. But to each their own.


[P.S. The Surface Pro laptops look awful and make laptops even less endearing; I’d rather have an Etch-a-Sketch.]

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