Feb 202014

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Divergent by Veronica Roth

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I really liked this book, more then I thought I would. It’s not often that I read many books where the hero is female and that’s just a coincidence. The book takes place in the future again, it a dystopian Chicago (which is immediately a win for me). There is definitely a Hunger Games vibe to the book where society is broken into 5 factions and once you choose a faction (either your own or changing factions) you must remain a part of that faction and adhere to its ideals or become factionless.

However, there are anomalies that many consider to be a threat to that way of life. Divergents are among all the factions and perhaps they are the key to breaking down faction walls, but there are those in power that do not want to see that happen.

There is a heavy romance plot to the book as well which might help to appeal to a broader range of readers. I am now excited for the movie (and I hope its as good as the book). If you enjoyed Hunger Games then I would pick up a copy of this book, before its out in theaters.

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