Feb 202017

Proverbial Writer's BlockThe recent pace at which I have been publishing new blog posts is appallingly slower. Ideas and “other cortical experiences” are evading my consciousness. I am stuck with the proverbial writer’s block! I will admit that certain events, IRL, have been taking more of my attention. When you are trying to sustain a family, those events take immediate priority. I will not talk about politics so anything that is considered a “political hot topic” or “current event” will never be a subject I will write about. My views do not necessarily align with others. I prefer my readers find this site a sanctuary from political pontificating and mudslinging.

The obvious lack of frequent posts is not the product of laziness. I simply haven’t been able to find something that warrants a post. It’s very unfortunate when I experience these mental blocks because writing is a very helpful cognitive exercise. It really helps me to organize my thoughts and vent my frustrations (just look up any post in the “fulmination” category). Organizing my thoughts helps to draw more logical conclusions, therefore improving problem solving; a skill very valuable to my job.

A Strategy to Overcome Writer’s Block?

How does one overcome writer’s block?? I am trying to think back to when I have had to overcome writer’s block in the past. Perhaps now is the time to start researching ways to improve my blog posts. While I do enjoy writing about the books that I have read, I don’t think I am very good at it. Maybe I will start researching tips and suggestions for writing better book reviews. I really don’t feel like I am providing the authors or their books any justice. It’s time to start channeling those 20-year-old Honors English classes so that I can provide an honest and comprehensive review.

Another theory I have to combat the proverbial writer’s block is to review my existing posts. Perhaps there are some posts that require a follow-up or I can start writing more posts in a specific category. There is always the potential for creating new categories, essentially expanding the scope of topics (while continuing to refrain from politics). I may try to rekindle some old post categories, for example I haven’t written an MMO Times post in nearly a year. I thought I was providing an update for other gamer friends and it turns out it was helping me keep up with gaming news.

If there is anyone out there that is reading this perhaps take a moment and answer one or more of these questions (in the comments):

  • What do you do to overcome writer’s block?
  • In which category would you like me to write more posts?
  • Do you have any suggestions for a new category of posts?



I could accomplish so much more if I only had minions!


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