Mar 282013

trollfaceEven as I am typing this post I can already hear the subtle sound of exploding heads just because of the title. I will admit it right now, before all of you, that I am a Facebook troll. My trolling is augmented when Facebook becomes inundated with pro-<insert controversy> or anti-<insert controversy> posts. You know when I do it I’m just trying to piss you off, most of the time I could care less if you know where I stand on the issue.

By the way, I hate to rain on your [pride] parade but I really doubt a justice of the Supreme Court is going to base their decision on how many of you changed your bloody profile pictures on Facebook. In fact, just like me, they probably don’t give a shit. Changing your profile pictures is probably about as effective as changing your t-shirt. I should hope that they will vote based on their own rationale and the facts that have been presented to them.

Although now I have this rather humorous, and ludicrous vision of all the justices sitting in the Supreme Court with a computer hooked up to a projector and they are all looking at Facebook and counting how many profile pictures are red equal signs.

I don’t care if people want to be gay. It’s their lifestyle and I’m not the one whose judgement matters. I will say that if a gay couple wants to be legally married, then that’s just peachy with me. However, the moment religious institutions start to be persecuted because they either A) refuse to perform a same-sex marriage because it violates their beliefs or B) because they won’t acknowledge a same-sex marriage as a legitimate marriage then I have a problem. If you want people to respect your lifestyle then you need to respect the fact that other people will not necessarily agree; its a two way street, folks.

But I digress; this isn’t about gay marriage.

Yes, you can post whatever you want on Facebook, change your profile to be an equal sign, a peace sign, or a blasted middle finger. It’s not going to rally the troops, cause a revolution or incite some kind of movement. Let’s be honest people, call it what it really is.

It’s trolling.

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