Jun 112013

film_reelMy [rating: 5]

Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch

Synopsis: As a result of Kirk’s decision to violate the prime directive to save Spock’s life, he is disciplined and demoted (in true James T Kirk fashion). However a vengeful “super soldier” seeks retribution against Star Fleet which throws the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise into a tumult of scandal that brings Star Fleet to the brink of war. Their actions and decisions will test their resolve, their friendships and the lengths they are willing to go for the “needs of the many”.

Biggs’ Review: I had to watch the first movie a couple times to get use to the alternate timeline. There are a couple concepts I’m still trying to become adjusted to (ex: the “love story” between Spock and Uhura). Now with that said, I thought this movie was amazing. I have to say that watching Karl Urban portray Bones (my favorite of the original crew) is worth it that in of itself. He is spot on, as if the soul of DeForest Kelley had been transferred into Urban’s body.

I was skeptical when Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Kahn. He doesn’t exactly look anything like Ricardo Montalban (opposite body types in fact). I stand corrected. I almost like Cumberbatch better as a villain then I do as a hero (i.e. Sherlock Holmes – which is phenomenal). So I would say that if you don’t see it for Karl Urban, see it for Cumberbatch.

The music, as always, was superb. I love the subtle hints of music from the original television series. If you are a Trek fan, then you should have seen it by now! If you are a Sci-Fi fan, then you need to go see it now!

(to, lovingly, steal @TheRealNimoy‘s sign off, albeit fitting) LLAP

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