Jun 172018

Incredibles 2Incredibles 2

Directed By: Brad Bird
StarringCraig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson

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It’s been 14 years since the last Incredibles movie. During the 14 years, animated movie fans have been clamoring, relentless for the sequel. Disney/Pixar finally gave in to the cacophony. I don’t know why it took over a decade to produce a sequel. I understand animation takes quite a bit of work, but perhaps it was the challenge of bringing the entire cast back.

Whatever the case may be, they pick up exactly where the last movie ended. The family of heroes work together, in a group storming sort of way, to thwart Underminer. An ambitious mogul sees the value super heroes bring to society after defeating Underminer. He recruits Elastigirl to help him show the world that Super Heroes should not be illegal, while Mr. Incredible has to play Mr. Mom. Of course, a new nefarious and enigmatic villain appears, The Screenslaver, which puts these plans, and all super heroes, in jeopardy.

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I really enjoyed this movie. I love the fact that it literally begins where the last one ends. It’s almost as if the past 14 years never happened, which is probably Pixar’s intention. I love the role reversal of Elastigirl moonlighting as a covert super hero, even listening to police scanners, just like her husband in the first movie. I felt like the movie was slow at times, particularly during the time when Elastigirl is just beginning her “new job”. They tried to balance it out with Mr. Incredible dealing with Jack-Jack getting his powers; while it was funny I don’t think it was successful. Perhaps they should have introduced “The Screenslaver” a bit earlier, to liven up the plot sooner.

As with all Pixar movies, this movie is not without its Easter Eggs. Of course John Ratzenberger is in the film, reprising the role of Underminer. A Pixar movie is not complete without their good luck charm. I feel like there is some homage paid to Tony Stark/Iron Man. Deavor explains that one of the houses he owns he acquired from an “eccentric billionaire” that wanted to be able to “come and go without notice”. If you have seen all the Iron Man movies, you may notice that the living room has a striking resemblance to the one in Tony Stark’s house.

I’d say, if you’ve got the time, go see it (after you’ve seen the Solo movie). Take your kids, my 4-year-old enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s worth the extra fees for 3D or BigD, a simple digital viewing is the more worthwhile, economic choice.


film_reel“The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle.”
– Stanley Kubrick


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