I cannot believe this day has arrived. My heart has been beating out of my chest since they beat the Dodgers. It’s still beating out of my chest. I cannot imagine what its like in Chicago right now, outside Wrigley Field. It’s surreal to finally say:

The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions!

ErnieBanksCartoon_iru49ivi_rfrqjfgjI wish Harry, Ronnie, Ernie, my grandfather and all the other players and fans that have gone before me were here to see this. I know they were watching down from above (after they beat the shit out of that billy goat).

They won it in true dramatic fashion. They came back from a 3-1 series deficit, in extra innings, after a 15 minute rain delay. It was as if God was preparing the Cubs and the fans for what was about to happen. God bless the players, the coaches and the fans. God bless the Indians and their coaches and their fans. I know they are heartbroken right now and they have my full sympathy. I hope their drought is the next one to break.

Now that I have finally given my mind some time to wind down and my heart rate to return to normal, I should try to get some sleep.

#LetsGo #FlyTheW