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book review of ExtractedExtracted by R.R. Haywood
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As a member of Amazon Prime you have access to download a free book from a couple new release’s a month in advance through the Kindle First program. Every month I select a new book that sounds interesting; Extracted is a book I picked up for free in February. For some mystical reason it was the book I choose to read next and I am pleasantly surprised. Before I get into my book review of Extracted, let me quickly lay out the premise for you.

In the year 2061 a scientist invents a time machine to try to change a tragedy in their past. During a test run of the machine, a startling discovery is made: the end of the world. Now the time machine is being used to form a team of three individuals, all from a different point in time but each with extraordinary survival abilities. These three are the best chance to prevent the end of the world, but there are forces acting against them. Some mysterious group or entity that wishes to have control of the time travel device.

Another Book Selected at Random

I really enjoyed this book. The last book I enjoyed this much on a random selection was Pulitzer prize-winning A Confederacy of Dunces. Haywood does an excellent job building the characters and you’re suddenly invested in their fate. He doesn’t get hung up on the complexities of time travel nor does he lay that burden on the reader. By the end not only are you finding it difficult to put the book down, but you want to jump immediately into the next book. Unfortunately Book 2 will not be available until June 6th.

Time travel is such a difficult concept to master. It’s so nebulous because there are many theories as to how it might work. The closest, realistic theory we have in modern-day science is string theory (which is actually referenced in the book). If you enjoy good science fiction, that reads well, and will not lose you in the scientific details of time travel, you should read this book.

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