Top 5 Movie Trilogy'sBack to the movies. This time, instead of individual movies, let’s talk about trilogy’s. Another hard one to ponder as there are many great trilogy’s. I’m sure a couple of my choices might confound some people. I know at least one of these trilogy’s has been met with quite a bit of criticism but to each their own. My blog, my choice and you don’t have to agree. Also, I know a couple of the items in this list have a 4th movie or will have a 4th movie, however I chose to include them because they were originally a trilogy. So here are my top 5 movie trilogy’s.

  • Lord of the Rings – (Sans Hobbit). I think Peter Jackson did an amazing job! Extended Editions are incredible.
  • Matrix – I suspect this is unpopular but I really enjoyed all of these movies (and a 4th is apparently in the works).
  • Dark Knight – Of all the Batman movies, I think Christoper Nolan’s stands out as the better film series. Heath Ledger (RIP) and Tom Hardy are fantastic.
  • Back to the Future – These movies are so iconic and, therefore, a fairly obvious choice for this list.
  • Indiana Jones – While there are 4 of these films now and (unpopular opinion alert) I did enjoy Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the original movies are also a fairly obvious addition to this list.

As I mentioned, there are many great trilogy’s so I do have a couple of honorable mentions. My daughter loves the How to Train Your Dragon movies and, in all fairness, they aren’t bad movies. The companion TV series and books actually creates quite a bit of lore and depth to these movies. Of course, the Godfather Trilogy is the obvious honorable mention (the best for last, as it were). I’m a sucker for mobster movies and these movies are the iconic mobster flicks. They are a little slow in places, which makes them feel long, but they are classic.

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