Top 5 90s Comedy Movies

Comedy is probably my favorite genre of movie, and since I have so many favorite comedies I chose the top 5 90s comedy movies for the month of April. In a future Top 5 post I will post 80s comedy movies. I was born in the 80s so many of those films I couldn’t watch until it was well into the 90s. Picking a favorite comedy is tough. A couple of these on the list have sequels. Any move with a sequel is inclusive.

So here they are, in no particular order:

Again, choosing comedies from the 90s is tough. There are so many great movies. In fact there are a few honorable mentions for this Top 5 as well. Office Space definitely deserves mentioning; I’ve worked for a company that almost mimicked this film. I do love the Crocadile Dundee movies but a nice little hidden Paul Hogan gem is Lightning Jack. It’s like Crocadile Dundee in the wild west with a solid performance by Cuba Gooding Jr.

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