Andor Episode 9

Title: Nobody’s Listening
Director: Toby Haynes

When we last saw Cassian he was in prison with his soon-to-be buddy Melshi, making parts for, presumably, the Death Star. Vel and Cinta are hunting him while his friends and mother are being repressed and interrogated by the Imperial presence on Ferrix. Let’s discuss Andor Episode 9.

For a “middle” episode, this one is pretty intense. Andy Serkis and Diego Luna’s performances in this episode are amazing. I’m a fan of Snoke, but this is Andy’s best role and performance as a Star Wars character!

No Easter Eggs, Just Theories

One fan theory has come true. Prior to this episode’s airing, I saw someone suggest Vel and Mon Mothma are related. Turns out they are cousins; which explains why Mon Mothma is so concerned about Luthen’s tactics and schemes. Their family dynamic adds some really interesting depth to the series.

I can’t tell if Karn is crushing on Meero or if he’s just a narcissist. He may just admire her for her adherence to thoroughness. I feel like these two “love birds” are not permanent antagonists. There is a part of me that suspects they will become disillusioned with the Empire and either defect or they’ll be executed for treason.

Finally, there is Cassian and his chain gang. The prisoners are starting to learn exactly what Public Order Resentencing Directive means. It means they are never getting out unless it’s in a bag on a trolly. The death of Ulaf and this new public order decree is enough for Kino to join Cassian’s Shawshank plan.

Theory time. I think Kino will die, perhaps by sacrifice. I think Ulaf is the second strike toward Cassian joining the rebellion. This is my prediction. Over the next three episodes, Maarva will die and the Empire will be at fault and she will be the tipping point. Nemik, Ulaf, and Maarva’s deaths will be the three strikes for him to find the courage to fight back. His friends, Bix, Basso, and Melshi, will convince him to join.

Season 2 will be about his accomplishments as a Rebel.

What are your thoughts about Andor Episode 9?