Time to check in on the progress of my 2021 Intentions. Accountability is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to stick to your goals. So let’s review what I am hoping to accomplish this year. Starting with personal health goals, which are my main goals for the year. There are two areas of personal health I discussed in my new years intentions: physical and mental.

Mental Health

The coronavirus is almost behind us. The CDC is relaxing it’s policy on masks and many states (including my own) are beginning to lift all the health restrictions. Stadiums are slowly filling up again and stores are removing their “mask required” signs. These actions, alone, are already helping my mental health. I feel the stress and anxiety fading away. I think, in the weeks to come, it will all be gone (although I’m sure it will be replaced by something else, because anxiety is a bitch).

The “get organized” goal started out well, but kind of fell to the side. My technical projects suddenly took over (more on that later). I was doing well reducing how much I use Facebook and Twitter. I even gave them up for Lent this year. However it seems I’ve fallen back into old habits. Although, I haven’t seen too much whining and complaining. Twitter is easy for me to ignore when the butthurt gets too much. I think the fact that things in the US are starting to get back to normal has probably calmed the tits of most people on Facebook, which has made it more tolerable.

Physical Health

My running goal this year is to improve my daily running distance to 6+ miles; basically a 10k a day. I also want to improve my push distance to 9 miles. I have not reached these goals yet, however, I do have a strategy in mind for my 6+ mile daily run. Another fitness goal this year, although I didn’t say it in my intentions post, is to add a pre-workout to all my running workouts. Therefore three days a week I work on exercises for strengthening my core and the other two days (because I only work out 5 days a week) I work on strength training. This has become habit now, although I do have to skip them from time to time depending on my work schedule.

The past couple of weeks I realized I need to add something to my workout routine. Leg day. I’ve noticed my legs are getting sore and it’s affecting my endurance, which I need in order to improve to 6 miles a day. Therefore I will be adding exercises to my pre-workouts or I need to add a “leg day” workout. I may actually pick one of the days of the weekend to be leg day; most likely Saturday depending on the intensity of the workout. If you have some leg day workouts please send them my way.

Professional and Technical Development Goals

I have begun development of the new website. In the process of redesigning I am also learning a new website framework; I’m using React. There is still quite a bit of work left to do before the different components are fully functional. I have started researching new themes for the blog since I have to replace Suffusion. I haven’t picked anything yet nor have I found any themes I’m even considering. This one might take a while.

Development slowed down for a few weeks when my NAS machine died. Thankfully I didn’t lose anything, however I had to spend a bit of money to get it back up and running. We bought a system from TrueNAS (formally known as FreeNAS) as well as upgraded all the drives to 8 TB Seagate Ironwolf. When we finished the server is now running from an SSD (instead of a thumb drive) and now has 16 TB of mirrored space.

Reading Challenge Progress

The reading challenge is coming along all right. Last month I was 2 books behind but I recently finished a book and I’m already a quarter of the way through another book. Currently I am only 1 book behind; I expect to be on track before the end of this month. I am 13 books into the Dresden Files, I hope to be as close to “caught up” as I can be by the end of the year. The Dresden books are so much to read. In fact I’ve started collecting them all in print and I plan to start reading them again as soon as I’m caught up. I’m not sure if I will get to reading the Inheritance Series again. We will see how the rest of the year goes.

How are your New Years goals coming along?


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