The highly anticipated series among all Star Wars fans will be out a week from the date of this post. The hype for this series may have reached a point greater than the announcement of The Force Awakens. I really hope this series lives up to the hype, although I’m sure the trolls are ready to nitpick every detail from live-action depictions to action sequence flourishes. It doesn’t matter what others think, I am going to enjoy this series. With that said, I’m going to share some thoughts and predictions for the upcoming Kenobi series.

Also, I may be late posting about the first two episodes as I will be traveling on the 27th.

Theories and Predictions

I am not going to discuss plot theories or predictions. The trailers, thus far, have made it pretty clear what is going on. Vader is hunting down all the remaining Jedi, using the Inquisitors (which we’ve seen before in The Clone Wars series). This series is probably going to be pretty dark. Obi-Wan has endured a lot and he’s probably still struggling with the consequences of Order 66.

My first theory is we won’t see why he calls himself “Ben”, although in the fifteenth episode of season four of Clone Wars he uses “Ben” as a codename while undercover. It’s possible he continues to use that name while in exile. Granted, we still don’t know (canonically) why he chose “Ben” in the first place. In the Legends novel Kenobi it is revealed that it was a name Satine Kryze’s used to call him. If they canonically explain the reason he chose “Ben”, this would be my favorite reason.

Cameo Predictions

Force ghost Qui-Gon

I have a few cameo predictions. I have already mentioned it once, when the first trailer debuted; I think Qui-Gon will show up. He will either be a Force ghost or we will hear Liam Neeson in a voice over during meditation or reflection.

I think we will also see Temuera Morrison as Rex. Many astute fans have pointed out there is a glimpse of some clone trooper armor with blue accents in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot from the first trailer. I’d love to see live-action Rex but I feel like he would be more likely to show up in the Ahsoka series.

The next two predictions are probably stretches. Black Krrsantan (from The Book of Boba Fett) has a history with Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is hired to collect a bounty on the capture of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I also think its possible, however unlikely, we could see Alden Ehrenreich reprise his role as Han Solo in a brief cameo. This series takes place 10 years after Revenge of the Sith and one year after the end of the Solo movie. Han should, in theory, be on Tatooine working for Jabba.

Do you have any theories or predictions you’d like to share? (Remember, if this is your first time leaving a comment, it may not appear right away. I have to approve all first time posts because trolls and bots are jerks).