Sep 042014

early-me-bethIt’s funny where you find your spouse. Some folks will marry their high school sweetheart, others may find their spouse using an online dating service or just by simply living their lives. I found mine while I was tailgating, but the interesting thing is, she had always been right in front of me.

This week’s TBT picture shows me and my wife, before we even started dating. We had been attending the same parties for years because we ran in the same circle of friends. We are sitting here at one of Hoody’s parties, playing some XBox. Clearly I am oblivious to her wonderful smile, damn video games. How could I miss the fact that there was this attractive girl that shares similar interests in gaming.

I have to admit that even to this day I can’t believe it took until both of us had finished school to find each other. However, had it not been for all the great friends I … err, we had at Purdue we probably wouldn’t have met. I have so many very fond memories of Purdue but I often wonder how different it would have been had we gotten together while we were both still students. Those are some of the fondest memories that I never had. I think the most interesting thing is that my friend Alan actually indirectly predicted that we would get together. He even suggested at the game that I should consider asking her out. I will never forget that prognostication.

I think it was only fitting that we married on campus, at St. Thomas Aquinas and held the reception at the Student Union. Both of us agree that there never could have been a better place for our wedding.

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