Sep 172014
The MMO Times: Mi_ _ _ _ _ft

Issue 107:¬†Hello again, gamers!!! A million voices cried out in terror this week when the news officially broke that Microsoft purchased Mojang, the maker of Minecraft. The title comes from this humorous tweet sent out after the purchase was announced. I’m not a Minecraft player, and now the odds are even less likely that I will be. Farewell Minecraft, we knew thee well. ¬† As summer sadly draws to a close, we will all get ready to spend a few months indoors as the weather becomes colder and colder (and allegedly its supposed to be a pretty cold and snowy winter), although most of us [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 192014
WoW: Legendary Cloak Quest

Last night I finally completed the legendary questline to receive my legendary cloak on Quentyn (formally known as Anthonius). It’s the first time I have ever completed a current legendary quest line (did someone say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker??) It is a very long series of quests with a couple of obnoxious grinds (depending on your luck and the RNG). The obvious grinds are all the sigils, secrets and runestones you have to collect. If you are not lucky when it comes to RNG drops, these will take you the longest. In fact I had to wait until the Gaze of the Black [… Click to Continue …]