First a few qualifying statements. I know I’m not a gifted blog writer however I just write for fun; nobody pays me. Also, this isn’t a blanket statement because there are plenty of good blog writers. Most of my observations have been various writers for Star Wars blogs, though I have seen the occasional tech writer or other cultural blog writer whose prose and research are abysmal. Bad grammar is a common offense, which is shocking. Learning basic grammar is not difficult and using it is even easier.

Grammar is so important and I cannot emphasize that enough. In a world where social media has such influential power, grammar even matters on your Facebook posts. Potential employers will research you and they will judge how lazy you are or even how intelligent you are simply based on your Facebook posts. If I were a hiring manager or if I am screening potential candidates, I will research your social media. I don’t expect people to have the grammar prowess of an Oxford English professor but I do expect people to know proper comma usage and punctuation.

By the way, I know many hiring managers and recruiters that do check social media, such as Facebook, to learn about potential applicants. If you’re not careful with social media, it can hurt your job candidacy and safety. The dangers of social media is a different topic for a different time.

Research Or Know Your Canon!

Honestly, based on most of my observations, it isn’t grammar that is the greatest offense. It’s research! This is most common in several of the Star Wars blogs I’ve seen. The inaccuracy of some of these blog writers is astounding. Sometimes I question whether the author is actually a fan or if they were just assigned a topic by their editor. Honestly I hope that’s what is happening. It would be more disconcerting if these authors really are “fans” because then I question their knowledge of Star Wars canon.

I admit that I don’t know everything there is in Star Wars canon, however I research what I don’t know before I make any assumptions or comments. These Star Wars authors are sacrificing accuracy for clicks, which is a shame because finding accurate details doesn’t require a lot of research. The other explanation is worse, however. Clickbait websites thrive on gullible and obtuse users to drive up their visitation. Websites like “We’ve Got This Covered” and “Collider” are some of the worst offenders. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING FROM THESE SITES! Also, be careful of other blogs you read that might use these sites as “references” or “sources”.

The most sickening thing I’ve seen are blog authors taking advantage of the fan divisiveness to attract readers. Instead of reporting accurate information, they tailor facts to prey on people’s emotions simply to manipulate them to read their awful articles. This isn’t a prevalent blog but I still won’t sacrifice quality just to attract more readers. I will never manipulate the facts and I will never try to disguise my opinion as fact. I’m concerned this is a microcosm of all journalism.

If you want loyal readers then use basic grammar, do the research and know your canon.


I Have Spoken!