[rating: 3]

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Sir Anthony Hopkins

Synopsis: Thor , the Norse god of thunder, is headstrong and powerful, but he is also arrogant and a war monger. After leading an assault against his father’s wishes and causing a rift in a truce, Thor is cast out of Azgard. While in exile, Odin falls ill and Loki becomes king of Azgard but his jealously of Thor threatens Azgard and the 9 realms.

Biggs’ Review: In my opinion you can’t be too harsh on movies that are based off of a popular comic. The harshest reviews will come from the fans of the comic books so its crucial that the movie follow the expected storyline as accurately as possible. This not only applies to the plot but casting as well.

Initially I felt like the casting seemed appropriate but as I got into the movie I felt like even Sir Anthony Hopkins seemed to lack his usual flair. I think Chris Hemsworth failed to make any emotional connection with the audience. I felt like I was spending most of the movie trying to root for him instead of rooting for him throughout the film.

I feel like the one actor that played their role well was Natalie Portman. I honestly really enjoyed her in this movie. She played the nerdy, brilliant physicist very well. She has come a long way from the frightened little girl living in the apartment next to a professional killer.

Ok, so its not the best of the Avenger’s movies so far, but its not the worst. If you are any fan of comic books and you are at all excited about the Avenger’s movie, I would make sure you watch this film even if its just once.

I hope you enjoy the show.