Mar 222016

Empire (In Her Name: Redemption, #1)Empire by Michael R. Hicks
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Empire is a classic example of trying out a book that I haven’t heard of before, written by an author I haven’t read before and enjoying every page. Fantasy books can often be a hit or miss but I think Empire is a definite hit. I follow Michael R. Hicks on Twitter and happened to notice he had a newsletter which I signed up for and that ultimately lead me to three free ebook downloads. Empire was one of those books.

Earth is all but destroyed. The humans are at war with an alien race of female warriors. Reza Gard survives an attack on his family, is transported to a planet for orphan children where he begins to emerge as a born leader and warrior. Then he is abducted by the same aliens that killed his family. Now he is on their home planet, where they are training him for combat, but to what end?

When you reach the end of this book you will be hooked. You will want to read more because you need to know the answers to all the questions in your mind.

The three free downloads were the first books of three of his trilogies. It was a great marketing idea because, after reading Empire, I will be picking up the two remaining books in this series. I will also, eventually pick up the other books as well (I only have so much money budgeted for books). He also just published a new book, Vulcan’s Fury: The Dark Lands, which is already getting 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. I think Michael R. Hicks will be another author that will be on my “read more” list.

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