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Clash of CatalystsClash of Catalysts by C. Greenwood
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The last two books of this series were hard to put down. There was action and uncertainty from beginning to end and, to be honest, it took me a little while to warm up to the characters. In fact, I didn’t really feel that emotional investment until book 3. I will warn you, there are spoilers ahead!

I think Geveral remains my favorite character from the series, though Orrick did redeem himself, perhaps the author’s intention. The author surprised me as to Eydis’ fate; I was expecting something much different. When the villain, Rathnakar, is slain I began to ponder; how does an author decide how they will kill the main antagonist? Rathnakar’s demise was stated rather matter-of-factly, which I didn’t seem to mind.

I did quite enjoy the series and I would recommend them to anyone that enjoys decent fantasy. They are a fairly quick read. One big criticism I have is I felt like the role the “Catalysts” had may have been overstated in comparison to role they actually played. I was expecting a more extraordinary contribution. Eydis’ abilities were helpful, but I was expecting more from her “life touch” ability to play a role in the final battle. I just kind of felt like all the emphasis on the catalyst became a bit of a let down.

A Potential Spinoff?

There is a great opportunity to have a spinoff book or series featuring Geveral. In fact I would love to see that happen. I feel like his abilities weren’t properly highlighted, but it was pretty cool that he provided the killing blow. I also expected there to be more to the story that would clear Orrick’s name.

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