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Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)Winter by Marissa Meyer
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In my reviews of the previous books I think I’ve mentioned how cleverly written all the books for the Lunar Chronicles are and Winter was just as good. When you have a long series of books (i.e. more than three) sometimes characters and plots can get lost and thus when you finish off the series sometimes you feel there are still some things left unanswered. I do not feel that was the case with Winter. I think Meyer did a perfect job ending the book just right. In fact I think she could continue the story if she wanted to, or perhaps some spin-off books? *hint**hint*

I want to warn you know that I am going to talk about a spoiler so if you haven’t read Winter yet then I would definitely stop reading right now. If you do stop, I do want to leave you with my recommendation that you definitely read this book, of course if you have started reading the Lunar Chronicles, I don’t know why you wouldn’t read the last book.

***spoiler alert*** The one thing I kind of wish was different about the end of the book was Levana’s death. It was dramatic in that as she’s stabbing Cinder in the chest with the knife, Cinder simply shoots her through the head. I can kind of see that as a Hollywood ending but considering all the emphasis on the Lunar gift and how Cinder could be more powerful than Levana, I was hoping to see Cinder destroy Levana’s mind not only as retribution for all the people she’s killed but for causing Winter’s Lunar sickness.

If Meyer were to consider a spin-off book or series, I think creating some adventures with Thorne and Cress could be interesting and perhaps even an opportunity to incorporate some more nostalgic fairy tale characters.

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