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Summoner of Storms (Catalysts of Chaos Book 3)Summoner of Storms by C. Greenwood
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Summoner of Storms is book III of the Catalysts of Chaos series by C. Greenwood. I received a review copy of this book in advance of its release after subscribing to the authors newsletter. I really like reading ARC books, especially in genre’s that I enjoy. There are three main catalysts in this series and Geveral is my favorite. Perhaps that is why I was excited to read this book (since the first two seemed to be tailored toward the other two catalysts, Eydis and Orrick).

Please note, there are mild spoilers ahead but they will only be of consequence to you if you have read the first two books.

Summoner of Storms is definitely the climax of the series. A grieving Geveral befriends someone who gives him the keys to unlocking his power meanwhile Orrick’s past catches up to him. When the catalysts reach Silverwood Grove you will not want to put the book down. Eydis will have a startling revelation and we may have a glimpse into her possible destiny. We discover a secret to the oracle’s power whose life, as well as the fate of Earth Realm, hangs in the balance.

There Isn’t A Love Story

The conspiracies and mysteries, assassinations and betrayals will keep you reading. There isn’t a subtle love story, which works with the momentum and plot of the book. Honestly I think the lack of a love interest is refreshing. I am enjoying the confident, determined female hero whose goals will not be convoluted by infatuation.

I am really enjoying this series and I am looking forward to the final book, Clash of Catalysts. The title in-and-of-itself begs the question, is there tension growing among the catalysts? It’s clear that this will be the final battle for Earth Realm but Orrick’s sordid dealings make it difficult for Eydis to trust him. Will he find exoneration for his alleged betrayal? Is Eydis more powerful than she realizes? Is Geveral? Will they realize their power soon enough to defend Earth Realm?

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