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Isle of Dragons (Quest of the Nine Isles Book 1)Isle of Dragons by C. Greenwood
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This book is another solid start by C. Greenwood. She is beginning to remind me of other great fantasy authors like R. A. Salvatore and Robert Jordan. It didn’t occur to me until I finished this book is that the name of the main character is rarely mentioned.

In fact it may have only happened twice, three times at most. I know its peculiar to mention that fact but you become so invested with the story and what will happen that the name of the main character becomes irrelevant. You know she is a humanoid race of dragonkind (this makes sense when you read the story), whose wings have been clipped because of her rank in society. Her curiosity causes a terrible tragedy and now she’s on a quest to try to reverse what has happened.

Isle of Dragons is a good read. There were a couple of parts where I became so lost in the adventure I hadn’t realized people were talking to me. As a final note, I really like the art design for the book covers; again its very Robert Jordan-esque. It’s a quick read, like most of her books, so one could easily read it in a weekend.

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