I am a huge movie buff so picking my favorite top 5 action/adventure movies is very difficult. In fact, in order to even whittle the list down to 5 I have to set some further qualifications. So for this top 5 list I chose movies that are non-franchised. A “non-franchised” is any movie that is not part of a trilogy or large collection of related films (ex: James Bond or the Marvel movies that make up the Infinity Saga). It’s also based on if I were channel surfing and these movies came on, I would be inclined to continue watching without starting over. This list is in no particular order.

I actually want to watch all these movies just merely by building this list. In fact, as I was building this list I felt like a few other movies deserve some honorable mentions (i.e. movies that almost made the list). Chris Evans performance in The Losers is one of the best parts of the film. While I do not care for the type of music DMX performs, his nerdy character is Exit Wounds is my favorite. Finally, The Fifth Element because it’s just a fun movie to watch and it’s quite quotable.

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