It’s that time again, time to make my 2022 New Years intentions. I made some progress in all of the areas in which I declared intentions in 2021. I will get into more details in each of their respective sections below. 2021 was not as challenging of a year as 2020 but it had its moments. This damn Covid virus continues to wreak havoc physically, mentally and emotionally. It has the country, and possibly the world, divided. Some are scared, some refuse to be afraid, and some just don’t know what to believe anymore. The media is at fault.

Biggs Labs – Smart Home/Professional Development

As I predicted, I didn’t make any progress integrating the Raspberry Pi with our Smart Things implementation. We keep the Smart Things updated and running for home security but the further automation has stalled. I’m not going to make any commitments toward that initiative this year.

I did begin work on updating the website and gift list web application. Unfortunately, the best practices for implementing Reactjs changed as I was learning it and now it seems like a better idea to start over. That is my first intention; I intend to find more up-to-date tutorials on Reactjs and rebuild the website … again.

I did find a new theme for the blog, obviously. I’m not sure I’m keeping it. There are features I like about it but, generally, I think its kind of blah. I’m going to continue researching more themes and may even consider a custom theme.

2022 Goodreads Reading Challenge

The goal I set last year was 15 books and I did really well, however I think I am going to keep it at 15 this year. I only have three Dresden books left to be caught up and I intend to do that this year (although I’m not sure when book 18 will be published). When I finish book 17, and I crave more Harry Dresden, I’ll start reading the series again.

Last year I said I was going to read The Inheritance Series again but I didn’t even start. This year, instead of committing to reading a specific book or series again, I’m going to make a list of books I want to read again. The new commitment will be to try to check off books/series from that list each year, until all the books have been checked off. If you’re curious, here is a list of those books:

2022 Health Goals

Last year I built up my endurance to the point where I can run 6+ miles pretty regularly. However, depending on the weather and work, I cannot always run the full 6 miles. I have conceded to always running at least 4 miles and maxing out at 6 if time allows.

I’m on the fence about making this year the year I run the half marathon. The Flying Pig is on May 1st this year and I’m not sure I can be ready for 13 miles. The furthest I ran in 2021 was 10.3 miles so one could argue I’m in a decent position for a half marathon. The conundrum I face is the sooner I sign up for the race the lower the cost but I feel like I need a bit more time to see if I’m physically ready for a half marathon. Of course the other factor is Covid so who knows if the race will still go on as planned.

I also need to up my game on my non-cardio workouts. The old “dad bod” needs to go, or at least diminish. I got some advice on what to do about that so I’m looking forward to building a new workout routine.

With that said, I think those are sufficient goals for the year. Good luck to all of your 2022 goals!