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The Mandalorian: Chapter 12Title: The Siege
Director: Carl Weathers

This is the episode when Carl Weathers (aka Greef Karga) got to make his directorial debut for The Mandalorian. Directing is not new to Carl Weathers, in the past he has directed episodes for other series including Hawaii Five-0 and Silk Stalkings. You will probably also glean from this that the episode will feature Greef Karga.

When we last saw Mando he was leaving Trask in a barely assembled Razor Crest. He is bound for a planet called Corvus but his ship needs a bit more maintenance. Spoilers ahead!

spoiler alert!!!

The following content contains spoilers for The Mandalorian S2E4.

We are reunited with a few characters from last season. Obviously Greef Karga is back and so is Cara Dune, who is a bad ass again. It’s so much fun to watch her beat up the bad guys. I’m becoming a pretty big fan of Gina Carano’s work. In fact I’d love to do a “How Much Do You Know” post featuring her but her career is just getting started. I’m looking forward to her other work. Another surprising reunion is the return of Horatio Sanz’s Mythrol character. He provides some pretty good comic relief and even some endearing qualities. Filoni and Favreau are really good endearing even minor characters to the audience.

Easter Eggs and Ahsoka

I’m not surprised that we did not see Ahsoka this episode. Favreau and Filoni like to tease us and keep us in suspense. It’s probably a pretty common tactic in television to keep you coming back. I’m willing to bet we won’t see her in Chapter 13 as well. Assuming Mando makes it to Corvus, I suspect there will be some obstacle that impedes him from finding Ahsoka right away. If we see her at all, it will be the last frame of the episode. Maybe she pulls a Luke from The Force Awakens, that would be a fun Easter egg.

Razor Crest at Battle of Exegol (TROS)

Speaking of Easter eggs, there were fewer this time. However I think Favreau may have just linked The Mandalorian to the sequel trilogy. I will explain. We already knew the Razor Crest makes it to the battle of Exegol but what I’m about to go into means that The Mandalorian has far greater implications to the Skywalker saga.

Dr. Pershing returns this episode; he was the Kamino cloning scientist from last season. We learn that the Empire wants “The Child” to harvest his blood. In a transmission to Moff Gideon he refers to “the volunteer” and “the donor”. My theory is “the donor” is the Palpatine clone we see in The Rise of Skywalker and I suspect “the volunteer” is Snoke. Maybe Snoke was the guinea pig to test the effectiveness of the process for creating a Force sensitive clone. We know they were only partially successful because the Palpatine clone requires the assistance of the Ommin Harness to stay alive. However, what does that mean about the fate of “The Child”?

These implications are huge and very exciting.

What did you notice in The Mandalorian: Chapter 12?

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