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The Mandalorian: Chapter 11Title: The Heiress
Director: Bryce Dallas Howard

The poor, dilapidated Razor Crest limps its way to Trask to fulfill the deal for the Frog Lady. I kind of feel bad for the Razor Crest. She’s clearly a sturdy ship but struggles to remain in one piece. Din Djarin continues his search after arriving on Trask, which takes him on the high seas where he unexpectedly encounters some allies.

This is the episode where I hope you’ve seen The Clone Wars and Rebels. If you haven’t, it’s not a big deal, you just might be a little lost and you will miss some of the references which makes it a little less exciting. There are several guest stars in this episode but before I get into that I need to stop for the spoiler warning. Don’t continue if you haven’t seen it yet!

spoiler alert!!!

The following content contains spoilers for The Mandalorian S2E3.

What Is “Baby Yoda” Doing?

Obi-Wan CuriousWhen the episode begins everyone is sleeping as the Razor Crest limps along. However, I’m not so sure The Child is actually sleeping. In fact, it looks like he’s Force meditating? This is fascinating and, perhaps, a subtle hint as to his evolution and purpose?

The Child has a couple of fun, and scary, moments, but this episode isn’t directly about him this time. I’m glad Favreau and Filoni (and the other directors) don’t always try to make The Child the focus of every episode. Sometimes, when something has become such a pop culture icon as “Baby Yoda” has become, production studios have a tendency to over utilize it to drive up ratings. So far this has not been the case with The Mandalorian.

Now, About Those Guest Stars

Thus far I feel like I’ve done a decent job of reining in my enthusiasm about this episode. This changes now. This is definitely my favorite episode, so far, this season. It might be in my top three over all. A lot of it has to do with the continuation of a major storyline from The Clone Wars and Rebels (albeit brief in Rebels). Guys, this is one of the episodes we’ve all been waiting for. Katee Sackhoff returns, reprising the role she’s been the voice of for all of Clone Wars. Yes folks, its the live-action return of Bo-Katan Kryze. And we know what she’s looking for!

This is also when Sasha Banks makes her Star Wars debut. If you’re a fan of WWE then you already know who Sasha Banks is. The surprise, however, is that she’s not Sabine Wren; at least according to IMDB. Her character is Koska Reeves, a member of Bo-Katan’s Nite Owls. Am I disappointed that she isn’t Sabine? Not really. Although, it could be an alias, however I doubt it.

Bo-Katan provides Din Djarin with the name of a Jedi he should talk to. It’s the name we have all been waiting to hear. Ahsoka Tano. If you’ve seen the end of Rebels then you know that Sabine and Ahsoka were searching for Ezra. However, it’s been 10 years so a lot could have happened and Sabine may not be with Ahsoka anymore. Perhaps she joined the Nite Owls using a pseudonym? We’ll know more next week.

Surprise Cameos

I love surprise cameos. We all knew that Sasha Banks and Katee Sackhoff were going to be in this season of The Mandalorian, but I love finding more surprise guests. This episode has two. The first one we see is Simon Kassianides, one of Bo-Katan’s Nite Owls. He’s another one of those Marvel actors that crossed universes. If you are a fan of Agents of SHIELD then you may recognize Sunil Bakshi. Actually, there are a couple of veterans, with minor roles, from Agents of SHIELD in this episode.

There is one more surprise cameo. Titus Welliver. I was super excited to see Bosch wearing an Imperial uniform. It’s a brief and, definitely, a one-time-only cameo but I loved it! By the way, if you haven’t checked out Bosch on Amazon Prime Video, its a really good show based on the Michael Connelly series of novels. I highly recommend it.

Is there anything you saw or would like to share from The Mandalorian: Chapter 11?

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