Jun 022015
Tech Talk: Windows 10's Imminent Release

June started with Microsoft announcing that Windows 10 will launch on July 29th (so by imminent I meant two months). Be that as it may, many may wonder if Windows 10 is worth the upgrade and I would say it is. I know many may be shocked to hear me say that as I have been a long time advocate for Windows 7 and a long time opponent of *the dismal* Windows 8; but I have my reasons. Windows 10 does appear to have some of the Windows 8 look-and-feel, but Microsoft was (finally) smarter about how it was implemented for those of us that don’t [… Click to Continue …]

Sep 192014
Why I'm Hard On Microsoft

You can ask anyone and they will tell you that I rarely cut Microsoft any slack. I have been working in Microsoft technologies for over 10 years now, and I’m pretty good at .NET development. People generally assume that if you make a career working in a technology then you should give the appropriate, unrelenting respect but that’s not how I work. I won’t swoon over every product Microsoft produces because I don’t agree that everything that comes out of Redmond is made of gold. (Also, for what its worth, I don’t swoon over Apple products either. I’m not getting online at 4 in the [… Click to Continue …]

Feb 282014
Microsoft Haters vs Critics

It’s not a secret among many of my friends and co-workers, I have been pretty harsh toward Microsoft lately. It’s an interesting dichotomy since I make a living developing Microsoft solutions. Despite my harsh opinions, I’m hardly considered a hater. This post was inspired by another post I read in Visual Studio Magazine (No Stopping Microsoft Haters). The unfortunate fact is, the trolls of the Internet are relentless. Some may actually have valid reasons for their opinions, others are probably just trying to bate the passionate. The thing is, there is a huge difference between a hater and a critic. I rip on Microsoft a [… Click to Continue …]

Oct 222013
Stuck At A Crossroads

I’ve been a programmer for going on 10 years now. I’ve mostly been doing .NET development because that came fairly easy to me. I’ve done non-.NET programming on the side (i.e. HTML5, iOS, etc) but the bulk of my experience lies in .NET. I’ve been butting heads with Microsoft lately because I don’t like the direction they are moving with their desktop and mobile technology. I’m not a fan of Windows 8. I haven’t been since I saw it the first time in beta. I’ve tried it on several occasions in stores and laptops of co-workers and friends. Every time I’ve tried it I have [… Click to Continue …]

Aug 232013
Soapbox: Dropping the Ballmer

I heard today that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that he will retire sometime within the next 12 months. Finally some good news for Microsoft! Ballmer, in my opinion, has been less than stellar (and that’s me being kind). He hasn’t had a clue since the first time he came running and screaming out on the stage. He definitely knew how to wake a crowd up … and then put them all back to sleep. I think once he retires the only direction Microsoft can go is up. He doesn’t have too many accolades to be proud of since becoming CEO. Windows Phone – [… Click to Continue …]

Jun 202013
Soapbox: No One Deserves A Pedestal

I’ll be honest, I was going to make this another post about Microsoft (because they are still pissing me off) but I decided that I would try to be more of an equal-opportunity troll today. Unfortunately, I am going to start with Microsoft since they are the ones who have most recently been in the (tech) news. Microsoft has backpedaled for a second time this year, on a second product (that’s not a good track record). Obviously the first time are the changes they are making in 8.1, though I still argue that what they chose to change is half-assed. We wanted a Start Menu [… Click to Continue …]