Jul 012021
HMDYK About Slave 1

Normally these posts are about actors in the films but recent events has me inclined to do something different. A new Lego set is causing minor ripples on the Internet. Disney approached Lego and specifically asked them not to use the name “Slave 1” on the newest Lego set of Boba Fett’s ship. I will go into an unbiased discussion of this topic later. In the meantime, how much do you know about Slave 1? Slave 1 is a Firespray-31 class patrol and attack craft manufactured on Kuat. The ship was commandeered (stolen) from the prison moon of Oovo IV during a job. There were [… Click to Continue …]

May 242021
Dave Filoni's "New" Job

The latest news that has Star Wars fans rejoicing is the announcement of Dave Filoni’s promotion to executive creative director of Lucasfilm. Let’s talk about Dave Filoni’s new job. “New”. While I think this is great news, it’s clear he’s been in creative control for a while. The success of The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian and (so far) The Bad Batch means that Filoni has already been fulfilling his duties as executive creative director for quite some time. In large corporations, sometimes the paperwork, compensation adjustments, hierarchical changes, announcements etc, are generally the last step. Case in point, my boss. His promotion was announced long [… Click to Continue …]

May 202021
Happy Empire Day?

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Empire Day in past Star Wars posts. If you’re a pretty devout fan then you should be fairly familiar with Empire Day. It has a pretty interesting history and an unusual link to the United Kingdom. In Star Wars canon, Empire Day is known as the day Sheev Palpatine becomes the Emperor and creates the “first galactic Empire”. It is also the day Ezra Bridger is born. A corresponding Earth calendar date doesn’t exist. So you may be wondering why I am talking about it today? Should we be wishing each other a Happy Empire Day? An Interesting, [… Click to Continue …]

May 192021
HMDYK About Peter Mayhew

Today would have been Peter Mayhew’s 77th birthday. We lost Peter two years ago, mere days after the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to be there and to snap a picture of him. My daughter was with me and she alleges that he turned and smiled at her. We miss you Peter. In honor of his birthday I ask, how much do you know about Peter Mayhew? Peter was born in London, England. His towering height was actually a genetic condition called Marfan syndrome. People with this condition are typically tall and thin with long appendages. There are often pulmonary, visual [… Click to Continue …]

May 142021
Happy Birthday George Lucas

The 14th day of Star Wars month is George Lucas’ birthday. This is the man that built the universe that has brought us all together from all over the world. Regardless of how you feel about him, he accomplished something no politician could ever do. Despite our lots in life, our creeds, our religions, our lifestyles, we are all united under one common theme. Our love for Star Wars and all its characters. The happiest of birthday’s to the legendary George Lucas. Thank you and May the Force Be with You! Breathe. Just breathe. Now reach out.

May 042021
The Bad Batch First Impressions

On May the Fourth in 2021 Star Wars fans are treated with a new animated series, The Bad Batch. We are first introduced to these “unique” clones at the beginning of Season 7 of The Clone Wars. They are a ruckus and elite squad of “genetically modified” clones with a penchant for “creative solutions” to their missions. They are a big hit with the fan base, so we were all very excited when Disney told us we’d be getting more of Hunter, Tech, Echo, Wrecker and Crosshair. This is The Bad Batch First Impressions of the first episode titled “Aftermath”. There are going to be [… Click to Continue …]